October 29, 2020

Car Wallpapers Download for Laptop

If you are tired of using the same wallpaper on your Android phones and tablets but do not know how to change it, be sure to check out our article.

It doesn't matter whether it is colorful or plain, but undoubtedly, we all want the screens of our Android phones or tablets to be stylish. Although it will vary according to our usage purposes, the majority of mobile device users prioritize their tastes when choosing a car wallpaper . How to change the wallpaper on Android phones and tablets although it is very simple ? In this article, which I prepared for our users who do not know the answer to their question, I will tell you how to change the wallpaper of your phone or tablet in a few seconds.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons why the Android operating system is so preferred is that it is very suitable for customization. One of the biggest advantages, especially compared to its biggest competitor iOS, is that it offers users plenty of customization options. As such, the screen appearance is as important as the appearance of our phones.

There are many different applications for users who want to use different wallpapers constantly. However, the standard Android wallpapers are sufficient, but if you want to change them from time to time, you can choose the wallpaper you want in a short time by applying the following articles.

You have 4 different choices when changing wallpaper on Android phones and tablets. These options are as follows:

  • Standard Android Wallpapers
  • Standard Android Live Wallpapers
  • Using Your Own Photos as Wallpapers
  • Choosing Over the Wallpaper Application You Are Using

If you wish, let me tell you about the wallpaper change process, which is already a very simple process, without further ado.

How to Change the Wallpaper of Android Phones and Tablets?

I took the screenshots I took from my Nexus 4 device with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to show you . However, since the operations are almost the same in previous Android operating systems, you will not have any problems.

In the picture you have seen above, there are 3 different screenshots respectively. In order to change the wallpaper, you must first find a space on the home screen of your device and hold it down with your finger. After holding it for a few seconds, the window in the middle opens and asks you the method you want to use to change the wallpaper. If you are using any wallpaper application, that application appears in this menu. Since there is no wallpaper application on my device , there are 3 different menus: Android wallpapers , live wallpapers and my own photos , which are installed in standard settings .

First, I proceed with thinking that you want to change it by choosing one of the standard Android wallpapers. If you want to use one of the beautiful wallpapers that come with the operating system, you can access the rightmost screen by entering the " Wallpapers " section in the window that opens . Here, the screenshots come in a sliding window below and offers a preview as you slide your finger on the screen. It is enough to select the wallpaper you want to use and press the " Set Wallpaper " button just below it to change the wallpaper. That's it. Your wallpaper has already changed. Congratulations!

If you say why there are no standard wallpapers in the image I shared, it means your Android operating system has not received a Lollipop update yet. When you receive the Lollipop update according to the brand and model of your phone, you will be able to use these wallpapers.

Let's come to our second option. Animated ie live wallpapers . Although it makes your phone's screen look much more stylish and beautiful than fixed wallpapers, live wallpapers are one of the battery enemies we never wanted. For this reason, if you are having charging problems, it would be beneficial not to choose live wallpapers. But if you say I want to try, you can log in the same way from the menu and set it as a wallpaper by liking one of the options that comes up. Live wallpapers allow objects on the home screen to be animated. But of course your icons are fixed.

Your third option is to set one of your own photos as a wallpaper. After holding down the space on the screen and opening the window, you can go to the '' Photos '' menu and access all the photos on your device. If you are interested in taking beautiful scenery or other photos, you can create amazing wallpapers for yourself. In fact, if you like your own shots, please send it to me on Twitter so I can use it. You can reach my Twitter account at the bottom of the article.

Our last option is the applications used for wallpaper. If you use one of these apps, you already know how to change the wallpaper. However, you can change your wallpaper with the application using the method I showed. All of the wallpaper applications automatically appear on the window you open by pressing and holding the screen. If you want to change the wallpaper with the application you use, you can change it by logging into the application here. I will recommend some of the wallpapers you can trust for wallpaper to help you. You can download free applications by clicking the download links below.