November 25, 2019

WGT golf credits hack iphone

WGT credits hack is an Elite Collection on WGT. Here you can purchase actual real life items such as gift cards, clubs and even a car. However, they're extremely expensive and you've to earn a massive level of credits to even dream of having anything from the Elite Collection. Also you need to use credits to enhance your experience level, slow down the meter or choose the putting tool which helps you judge putts better.

Once you play WGT hack there are many opportunities to earn and win credits. Probably the most simple solution to win credits on WGT hack is to go up a tier. You start off at hack level, then go on to amateur and keep progressing before you reach legend status. Every time you move up a tier you earn credits. For the very first move you earn 100 credits, then from amateur to pro it's 200 credits. The bigger you move up the list the more credits you earn. With more tiers being introduced into the overall game recently there are now several chances to go up a tier and this earn some free credits.