Spin the Picker Wheel to make a random selection

1.What Are These Spinners?

This is a very handy online decision wheel that can select a choice from a bunch of inputs and will enable you to spin it to make a selection.

The brain may have a hard time deciding in some situations and so that makes wheel spinner a good option.

A random result will be derived by inserting inputs and spinning the wheel.

This advanced algorithm will give you the fairest result by using the wheel spinner.

It is commonly used to conduct raffles, teach remote events, and much more.

Several specialized Picker Wheels were created in addition to this main Picker Wheel.

  1. Check out our Random Team Generator if you need a tool to do a random grouping.
  2. If you want to make a decision that does not include more than yes or no, you can also check out our Yes or No Wheel.
  3. Alternatively, if you want a specific random number to be generated, you can use our Random Number Generator.
  4. To generate a random letter, we have the Random Letter Generator available for you.
  5. Or, if you want something that will generate random images, then we have the Random Image Generator.

We'll dive right into the details of the Picker Wheel.

2.How to Use Picker Wheel?

Random Picker Wheel can be used as a picker for random names or random choices.

When used as a prize wheel, the Random Name Picker Wheel is typically used to select a winner's name after spinning the wheel.

It's very simple to use the Picker Wheel. Here's a quick guide on how to use the spinner.

  1. Users enter the inputs.
    • Your device allows you to insert the inputs one by one by clicking the + and return keys.
    • This icon enables the user to insert information directly into the form from the list tool.

2.Input values appear in a table. You can change the value, hide them, and delete them.

3.Clicking the Spin button from the random wheel will launch the wheel.

4.Picker Wheel will announce your choice after you select your choice in a dialog.

5.When the user chooses a choice, he/she selects an action mode.

6.The Tool Options section allows users to input settings such as spin settings, sound settings, confetti settings, and background color.

7.Users can benefit from more benefits by creating a profile, such as accessing data across multiple devices.

2.1. Open/Save the List

  1. In the cloud database, you can save your data in case it is taken offline.
  2. To open or save your list, click the Open/Save button.

3.For saving: Choose a list to save (total of 7 available), then give it a name.

4.To open: Click the list you want to open.

Previously, lists were saved locally in the device storage if you had to save them with us. (Of course, there was a risk of losing). Please sign up for an account and choose to migrate all the local data to the cloud to prevent the risk and to also access the old save lists.

3.There are three types of modes.

There are three options available to the users for making the best choice.

3.1. Mode Normal

This is a one-time random decision picker mode. Once the user clicks the done button, the randomizer wheel will announce the result selected. There will be no adverse side effects if the selected result is used.

The Use Case 1

The digital wheel of fortune can be used to pick a single winner from a list of candidates from a contest.

3.2. The Elimination Mode

To do so, it eliminates the inputs one by one, choosing a random name alternately. Temporary removal from the wheel will be made in the next round.

Use Case 2

The random name picker wheel can be used in a classroom setting when the teacher is asking the students to solve some questions one at a time without repeating the same name.

3.3. The Accumulation Mode

It is a way of accumulating decisions at random. Each input selection is subject to accumulating and carried forward to the next spin.

Use Case 3

Using this tool, we can decide what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rather than only spinning the wheel 1 time and choosing what food to eat (The user might get less convinced with a 1-time result), accumulating the number of choices each time further encourages you to make a decision.

4.Additional Features

  • The data you enter in your browser are saved in your cache. This means the inputs will remain available next time that you open the app.
  • You can also save your data in the online database.
  • The ability to customize wheels.
  • There's a full-screen option.
  • The wheel spinner will show you all your results.
  • Check out the tutorial here on how to embed the wheel into your website or PowerPoint.
  • An app can be installed on smartphones to pick up wheels.
  • The wheel picker app can be installed on your desktop.
  • Feel free to share this random Picker Wheel with your friends and family.
  • In the More button - the user can shuffle the inputs, enable all the inputs again, reset all the input counts, & remove all the inputs.

5.How to Save as an App in Your Device?

5.1. Desktop App

Choose Picker Wheel from Chrome. Choose to create a shortcut in the Tools -> More Tools -> Create Shortcut

Click "Create", then tick the "Open as window" checkbox.

You can now install it on your laptop or desktop computer. This service can be accessed through the browser whenever you want, rather than remembering the URL.

5.2. Smartphone App

Picker Wheel can be accessed via Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android). Add to Home Screen selection can be done by clicking the share button (iOS) or settings button (Android).

Picker Wheel is available for iOS devices.

Android devices must have Picker Wheel installed.

It has been installed on your device.

6.How to Share the Wheel?

The share button is located at the top right of the Picker Wheel site.

Choose what to include in the shared link. Next, click on "Create Share Link". You may incorporate your current inputs, current inputs' results e.g. how many counts, as well as the tool settings e.g. colors.

The Picker Wheel will show you a link. These can be copied, so you can share them with others.

Additionally, you can post it directly on Facebook or Twitter.

Feel free to spin the wheel now - Happy Spinning!