June 19, 2022

Burry's method

I must say right away that this technique was invented by the author, this is not a retelling of economists or psychologists. I speak my mind and my story.

Sooner or later you will notice a certain trend in the markets (no matter what) - they are manipulated. After some time, you will notice that technical analysis has always been and will be in priority, that the price does not move from tweets and news on TV - fundamental analysis. And then the worst thing: you will learn the basics of technical analysis. You will understand what liquidity is, structure and its breakdown, and so on. And after another collapse of stocks, an index, a crypto asset, the thought will not leave your head - they knew ... it was obvious ... I think that at such moments the world turns upside down in my head (I personally had it) and all those films and videos about world conspiracy are not so delusional, right?)

Thoughts that this is wrong, unfair and should not be so in some century will torment your head. The desire to tell everyone about it and what else they would hear ... But this is fantastic, alas. No one cares about this, many prefer the position of being shod. It's sad but true.

Five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. After going through 4 steps and being on the fifth, I am writing this article to convey the main and simplest idea: if you cannot win, join them; English proverb. What I mean? We cannot influence the global mood of the markets in any way, believe that the capital is gigantic, people are stupid and life is not eternal ... All that remains is to accept their rules and earn. If someone has not watched Big Short 2015, be sure to watch it, we will talk about the 2008 crisis and the people who made money on it when many lost. One of these was Dr. Michael Burry. In the movie, it's the one with the glass eye and the blue T-shirt. Back in 2004, this man predicted ... that is, he saw, calculated that the real estate market is a huge bubble. The man spent a lot of time for analysis, preparation and killed a large number of forces in order to convey the problem to the people and the government. Did it help? -Not. Nobody listened to him. If I'm not mistaken, it was in 2007 that Burry made a bet on a fall in the real estate market. He literally shorted what was growing for 4 years. Laughter and sarcasm instead of a question. Bottom line: Michael personally earned almost 490% of the profit and 100 million.

Conclusions. Remember the fact that you are here for the money, so just relax and earn. Want to help? - Help pointwise, without intermediaries and funds. Remember that this is just work, these are just cold numbers. Sell ​​short if possible, buy low and sell high, in a word, do everything to make money.