May 5, 2022

QuantumSwap testnet guide

QuantumSwap is a decentralized exchange for the entangled interchain.

Preparing for testnet

Connect you wallet on Chainlist & add Evmos testnet.

Go to the website & claim test tokens. Paste your wallet and press Request funds with address.

Connect your wallet on QuantumSwap & click Claim.

Go to the Swap tab.

Select tokens for swap, amount & click Enable - Swap.

Press Confirm Swap.

Then exchange tokens back. Enable - Swap - Confirm Swap.

Now let's make all these actions with all available tokens

Then go to Liquidity & click Find other LP tokens.

Select USDT - USDC & press Add Liquidity.

Enter the amount of tokens & click Supply - Confirm Supply.

We do the same actions with EVMOS - USDC & QTM - USDC.

Then withdraw some liquidity. Select pair & click Remove.

Select an amount of liquidity you'd like to withdraw & Enable - Remove - Confirm.

Now we do these actions with two remaining pools.

Next, go to the Farms page & select pool.

Click Enable.

Click Stake LP.

Enter an amount & click Confirm.

Now let's make these actions with two others.

Claim your rewards after they appear.

Take some from each pool.

Enter an amount & click Confirm.

Go to the Stake page, enter an amount, then Approve - Stakе.

Switch to Unstake & withdraw some liquidity. Select an amount & click Withdraw.

Press Recent Transactions in the wallet.

Then leave feedback on Discord #testnet-feedback channel.

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