January 30, 2020

Experience Delightful Surprises and Enjoy the Pleasing Nature in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful destination to visit for travel lovers to experience the pleasing culture of Buddhism and Hinduism. It shares its borders with India and China where pilgrims from both the countries visit to witness famous temples, monasteries and more. Apart from these best attractions, Nepal is also known for the adventure where people can experience some fabulous treks on hill slopes. 

Plan your Nepal tour with the Best Nepal tour packages and experience the bright side of Nepal filled with historical importance. Enjoy your journey to Nepal with the help of a famous Travel Agency in Varanasi as it holds the strong importance of Buddhism and Hinduism. 

There are numerous places to visit in Nepal such as Kathmandu, Lumbini, Pokhara, and more. Life in Nepal is peaceful where people just visit to spend some free time with a peaceful nature. You can also book the Best Nepal tour packages and get relieved from the routine journey. 

Travelling is the expansion of true-life where we just see the other side of the world without any hurdles in between. So, visit some beautiful places in North-East India with the best North East India tour packages and start experiencing the true life. Every individual in this world deserves a great life, but it only comes when they start exploring real-life on earth. 


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal that includes famous attractions like Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple, and more where every individual must-visit with the Best Nepal tour packages. The true culture and nature at Kathmandu excite every individual who is a part of travel lovers. It is the world of ancient architecture which is the main attraction to visitors. 

Plan your Nepal tour with the best Kathmandu tour package and visit famous temples and monasteries. Pashupatinath Temple, on the other hand, is the true heaven for Hindus who regularly visit to witness an eye-catching Jyotirlinga. Book the best Kathmandu tour package and offer your prayers to the famous Jyotirlinga which is considered as the head of the body made of all twelve Jyotirlingas in India.

Varanasi is also considered as one of the best holiest sites in India where Kashi Vishwanath Temple is the centre of attraction for visitors. Visit this destination with the best Varanasi tour packages and know the importance of spiritual sites.


Lumbini is known as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are some best historical attractions in Lumbini to visit with the Best Nepal tour packages such as Maya Devi Temple, Pushkarni Pond, Ashoka Pillar, and more. Maya Devi Temple is a holy place where Maya Devi gave birth to Lord Gautama Buddha. It is also said that before giving birth, Maya Devi rested a while down the Bodhi tree which is nestled in the Lumbini garden. 

Book the best Nepal tour packages from Gorakhpur and feel the real peaceful nature. The Lumbini garden also holds the Pushkarni Pond where Lord Buddha used to swim regularly. Now it is considered as the sacred pond which is located exactly in front of the shrine. You can also plan your journey to Varanasi and Nepal with the best Varanasi Nepal tour packages.

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