June 10, 2021

The Perks Of AI & Automation In Crypto Trading


NexFolio is an all-in-one AI-powered automated crypto trading platform for individuals and businesses to multiply their crypto funds. We provide crypto bot assistance for traders looking to automate their trading and best-in-class investment options for users looking to earn money with minimal risks.

Our AI-based Crypto Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is a more powerful technology that could help us overcome numerous challenges in our traditional systems. NexFolio uses AI effectively to offer rich security and the best results to its users.

Users get the following benefits from NexFolio

→ The ability to analyze vast data,

→ learn the market quickly,

→ predict trends & patterns easily,

→ get customized investment opportunities, and

→ work quickly & accurately.

Automated Crypto Trading

In automated trading, a bot (computer program) creates buy and sell orders and automatically executes them in a crypto exchange marketplace. Crypto traders and investors can automate their entry & exit strategies and allow the bot to monitor the market and execute the trades.

Crypto Trading Bots – Overview

Crypto trading bots automate trading by a set of predefined commands and conditions. They are designed to reduce manual efforts and provide their masters (traders) with the best trading decisions, huge profits, and a not-so-complex interface.

Crypto bots are built with excellent and standard algorithms to trade on exchange platforms. They continuously monitor the exchange for price fluctuations, trends and place the right trade orders at the right time.

A trader needs to set the parameters for the bot to operate. The conditions include the preferred coin pair, funds to be traded, buy or sell condition, and stop-loss & take-profit percentages.

Advantages Of Using NexFolio For Crypto Trading

1.      Traders on our platform do not need to monitor the crypto market constantly to identify the patterns and open positions - the bot does it for you.

2.      Many newbie traders lose their funds due to fear and emotions, whereas our bot is emotionless, so they don’t need to worry about losing the funds anymore.

3.      Bot-assisted trading helps crypto traders to follow a solid trading plan designed by dynamic trading strategies that ensure zero risks and maximum profits.

4.      Our bot reads the candlestick patterns, technical indicators, and trend reversal points more quickly and provides the users with the best market trends.

5.      NexFolio is a well-built trading bot that provides convenient trading options, portfolio diversification, and margin trading opportunities for more efficient trades.

Are you in need of a crypto trading bot to automate your trading activities and maximize your profits?

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