Yoda X (YOD): a cryptocurrency that will change the world

Hello everyone) Good evening everyone! My name is Alex Greywood, I am the strategic director of the cryptocurrency Yoda X. And with great pleasure in this article I will tell you about our new cryptocurrency, which in truth can change the world.

In general, before I start talking about cryptocurrency itself, I would like to touch on the terminology of ordinary money and cryptocurrency a bit.

We all know that Money is a universal means of exchanging various goods and services among themselves, as well as a measure. The amount of money measures the value of a product or service, and the money measures the wages, or in different ways, the value of various specialists. Money can be paper, metal, virtual.

Now money has many functions:

🔺Means of payment

🔺Evaluation of the work of people

🔺Equivalent to the value of goods

🔺 Savings Creation Tool

🔺A mediator in the circulation of goods

🔺Calculation tool

Cryptocurrency is a digital (virtual) currency that does not have physical expression. The unit of such a currency is “coin”, which means “coin” in translation. At the same time, the coin is protected from falsification, since the coin is encrypted information that cannot be copied. Cryptocurrency does not have a physical form, it exists only in the electronic network in the form of data. An exchange through a cryptocurrency takes place in much the same way as an exchange of emails, hence much less processing time than through a bank, minimal fees and the absence of an intermediary.

They are united by one. We can use both ordinary money and cryptocurrency in everyday life.

And it is precisely today that I have great pleasure and want to tell you about our Yoda X coin.

✔️About its uniqueness

✔️ What opportunities does it give

✔️How to earn money on it

✔️ What is her purpose

✔️Well and I will share with you the news for today

Yoda X, First of all, this is a new generation cryptocurrency.

Why a new generation, because it takes into account all the shortcomings and disadvantages of other coins. Huge work and analysis has been done.

Anyway, this coin cannot be compared with other coins that currently exist.

✔️ Yoda X is a decentralized cryptocurrency created on the basis of three blockchains (Zerocoin, Dash, Pivx)
The fact that she has her own blockchain is her and uniqueness. I think many people understand this. That is a huge plus.

✔️ Also, open source (this is also an important aspect)

If we talk about security. I’ll say right away that the coin has its own blockchain and no one, absolutely no one can have access to the source code (in terms of changing it, and introducing any adjustments) Each wallet created on the Yoda X blockchain will have 100% security of funds, and even coin makers will not be able to access your funds and wallets.

✔️ Instant exchange of cryptocurrency between blockchains.

This technology allows you to instantly, without intermediaries, exchange any cryptocurrencies with minimal commissions. (For example: you can exchange Yoda X for Bitcoin with minimal commissions and in return. Through the blockchain)

✔️P2p and b2p trading platform support

Those. This is when we can buy goods for cryptocurrency, pay for any services from both individuals and legal entities.

Thanks to our marketplace, this is a platform where all the well-known cryptocurrencies are combined, allowing you to realize a particular purchase.

Here we can make purchases, closing our needs, from food to real estate.

✔️Financial services for individuals. This is a cryptocurrency bank.

In principle, this is the same bank that we use now, only their differences are that the currency of this bank will be cryptocurrency. There will also be a credit system, insurance.

A debit card will be issued (card master and visa) And each of us will be able to order it for himself. She will be registered. And all cardholders, I can actively participate in the activities of the company.

Conversion will take place instantly in any currency convenient for you and pay all over the world, wherever you are.

In general, the goal of the coin is to combine all the advantages of the existing cryptoeconomics and allow absolutely everyone in everyday life, without any efforts, to use all the possibilities of blockchain technology, which has already enveloped the whole world.

Our goal is that the coin be a means of payment, i.e. we could use it, paying for goods and services.

Road map.

Here you can see our path, our movement. You can trace our route, as they say.

A shift is possible in dates, since we are all people, there are some technical issues. But! Nevertheless, we still adhere to our schedule. Who is with us from the very beginning, they personally saw our formation and the beginning of the path)

March 23, we began to move, we set off from point A.

The initial issue of 20 million - it is necessary to launch the blockchain, to ensure decentralization of the system, and of course to create the YodaX community.

The final issue of 20 billion

As 20 million coins were distributed, we all see on the slide.

✔️ Technical specification.

✔️ SwiftX Technology

This technology allows for almost instant transactions.

Well, we have come to the most interesting and beloved point by all of us - this is income. How is everything happening here.

To make it work. First you need to register in the Yoda X blockchain itself. After you need to replenish the balance with at least 100 Yoda X coins, so that you can turn on the stacking. Coins can be bought through exchangers and exchanges.

✔️Collective stacking - what is it?

This tool is aimed at ensuring the liquidity of the coin, When using it, on the trading platform Yoda X Market.

Of course there will be a complication of coin mining. It will be carried out upon reaching the necessary block, but also regulate profitability. This will ensure the liquidity of the coin on the exchanges.

Stacking profitability is determined by 3 variables:

▪️Number of coins in the wallet

▪️ Coefficient of storage of coins

▪️System volume ratio

Also, if you want to calculate your profit, your income, you can go to the company’s website and in your account on the calculator calculate everything for yourself and see everything clearly.

P.S. If you are an ambitious person, and a leader person, and want to develop a coin in your own country, contact the coin administration, maybe a good offer will be for you.

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