October 7, 2020

6 Easy Tips on Writing an Effective Essay!

When writing an academic essay, there are several factors ignored by us, which can ultimately affect your essay quality. Essay writing generally appears easy but there you would do well to follow a few guidelines.

These guidelines are very helpful when writing professional essays or even if you are writing an essay for college.

  1. Pick a Topic

You will either be assigned a topic or given the freedom to choose a topic of your own choice. In both cases, you need to write the essay topic, overview it and formulate a full strategy for the same. Think, Find, and Write: these will be your three swords to win the battle.

If you are free to choose the topic, then you have to roll your head more and finalize a topic that you are convinced about after evaluating all pros and cons. It goes without saying that you would need to conduct your research properly. You need to possess a sound judgment on the topic on hand and the accompanying research material.

  • Prepare an essay outline or table of your ideas

Drawing is an easy way of connecting with your thoughts. Regardless of the ideas floating around in your mind, formulate it in a table or a diagram so as to link it with all your impressions and ideas.

Outline or a diagram representation will give you a firm foundation on the topic you’re set to write about.

  • Develop your thesis statement

The thesis statement of an evaluative paper should define the goal of the essay. An essay with a thesis statement provides a clear vision that can then be used to make a difference table between the principles and poignant examples. However, you must be cautious about the quality and your thought process regarding the topic you are writing about.

  • Write the Body

In essay, the basic support system is the “BODY” section that can go a long way in explaining your ideas and strategies to those who are reading it. It must ideally be as effective as your research on the topic.  A paragraph is the basic procedure of writing a body. The introductory part must explain the key areas of your essay. Similarly, subsidiary ideas should follow suit in the next lines using well-expressed examples. When writing an essay, don’t forget to use a proper essay format.

  • Write the Introduction and Conclusion

Introduction and conclusion are used to shape your essay. They should be written in a very attractive manner from the reader’s point of view. They should give minimum but extremely important information regarding your essay either in the form of quotes, one-liners, dialogues, or a summary.

The Introduction has to be an attention grabber and a connector with the thesis statement. Finally, the conclusion brings closure to the topic and encapsulates your overall ideas while providing a final perspective of the topic.

  • Include finishing Touches

It is important to review the essay and proofread it for any issues or areas of improvement, wherever necessary.