October 30, 2020

Professional, Academic Proofreading & Editing Services by Writesmartly

Have you had the nagging feeling that no matter how much you pore over your document, it somehow feels ‘off’ to the eye? Do you think that your copy looks just right but lacks the perfect flair? Do you need a helping hand with your manuscript to provide you with critical suggestions?

If so, we have you covered. Here at WriteSmartly we ensure that your document is free of any errors, grammatical or contextual. We specialise in academic, business and personal editing services.

Why do you need editing?

Before publishing or submission, a textual document must undergo various checks, including spelling, grammar, syntax, and context. In addition, the document must not contain any self-contradictions or inconsistencies. A document that is professionally edited and proofread is vital for the following reasons:

  • It is free of any grammatical errors that the author may have missed.
  • It is concise in its approach to the reader.
  • It is clear and free of any potential misunderstandings.
  • It does not contain any internal inconsistencies.
  • It provides room for further improvement and understanding

Our Services:

Academic Editing & Proofreading Services: In academic editing, besides working to make your text is free of errors and contradictions, we polish the paper and ensure that your required referencing style (be it APA, MLA or CMOS) is maintained throughout the text. In addition, we also check for consistent spacing, tables and formatting.

Professional Proofreading & Editing Services: Whether it is a copy or an agreement, we check that it is up to professional standards and adheres to the language you prefer (informal or formal). We also perform quality checks and ensure that the appeal of your copy is not compromised.

Personal: We cover a wide range or personal documents, from CVs and statements of purpose to blog articles and manuscripts. In addition to editing, we provide helpful feedback to boost the impact of writing while maintaining its essence.

How do we do it?

Our procedure involves two stages of editing: grammatical and contextual. At the first stage, we clear any spelling mistakes and grammatical and structural errors. At the second, we improve the text to enhance its understanding and impact, along with making it clearer to the reader in its approach. Once the editing is done, the document is reviewed for further assessment in order to verify that it is devoid of any flaws whatsoever.

Once fully edited, we get back to you with two versions of the edited document: tracked and clean. While the clean copy is ready for submission, the tracked copy contains various suggestions and pieces of feedback for the author’s perusal.

Why ­­Us?

Our team consists of a number of skilled and experienced editors and proofreaders capable of giving you the best version of your document. With unparalleled proficiency in English, we are highly specific and scrupulous in our approach, making it unlikely for us to miss any errors. We work alongside you to keep track of your needs and prerequisites.

Should you choose to work with WriteSmartly, you’ll never need to double-check again.


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