June 9, 2020


1) Your personal photo. Important is background, shadow and postion of man.

Background can be with another color, but mono. Better not white, grey or black. Mono colourful background.

Take a look to the position and dress code. Grey T-shirt and casual black pants. Try to make the same face and position. It looks at one's ease.

At the background will be first letter of your name or store. What would you like.

2) Personal photo on green tree background.

Make this photo on summer background with green trees.

On first plan also put water jug or your refreshing drink from your store.

Your face should looks like you are focused on listening to something and think about your work.

Wear some not bright T-shirt. White, grey, black are okay.

3) Photo of your superfood.
Make photo of your bright friable products and superfoods. You can also take photos with spices or berries.

Color is important. Make photo of products with orange, reds, yellow colours.

Pay attention to the angle. Orange should be in the middle.

4) Standard product photo from the top

It can be matcha or another green powder.

Use white dishes and only green powder. Try to make similar layout

Make photo t near window or with good artificial light on white Photo background.

5) Photo with book

Find book on your topic with red or orange cover. It can be old book, or even notebook.

Make photo on sofa or at your bed. Use bright bedding and blanket.

You can open your face more, or less, but book should take 1/3 of photo.

Make photo at midday with good light.

6) Photo of your green product at bottle and glass.

Choose a light home background. Use white pillows and sweater. Make it cozy. Put newspaper, open book in blur background. Put small green leaf with the same colour of the product.

Pour into a glass and leave the bottle open.

You can make make photos with different variations, not only like in visual.

Like those:

7) Photo on football stadium with shadow.

You can make post about your attitude to healthy lifestyle, running, sport, meditation.

It will be creative photo.

You can make it in two ways:

  1. Ask someone to make photo of you and your shadow. At photoshop I will crop you and left only sneakers and shadow. But then please also make photo of your sneakers with this angle.
  2. Or if nobody can' t take a photo, you can make photo of your shadow by yourself and then make photo of your sneakers.

Important is to make the same angle of shadow.

Make it on open air stadium with green ground.

8) Photo of your products at small bottles.

Use something green and orange.

Just make the same photo.

9) Photo with noodles.

Just make photo of 6 or only 4 noodles from package on orange background. Background can be also not orange, but colourful and mono.

10) Post about your personal views. You with notebook or book on white background on white clothes.

Everything around should be white and bright.

Close your face with book or notebook. You can make photo with profile position or any other, but take the concept.

11) How to use your superfood product.

Make to orange dish with your superfine, seed or another.

Make photo from the top. Compulsory put near this products.

12) Photo of your different product at small packages.

Make photo of your the same sizes product at packages. Choose colourful and small.

Make it from the same angle.