When Size 18 Dress Shoes Matter

Depending on what your tastes are in shoes and how you use them, the most expensive shoes in your wardrobe may very well be your dress shoes. Naturally, there are some really expensive work boots, hiking boots, golf shoes and other specialty footwear out there, but with shell cordovan and patent leather along with some premium names, for most of us, dress shoes command the highest prices.

This might not be true for you, but it is true for most people, and that doesn’t even say a thing about the cost of finding shoes that can fit you. Refer to the title of this article; we’re going to take a look at when size 18 dress shoes matter.

Chiefly, they matter when you wear a size 18 or somewhere very close to that and you can’t get a good fit from shoes one size on either side of that. On that matter, it’s hard enough to find size 17s and size 19s because they are both extra large sizes that most sellers just don’t carry.

Size 18 dress shoes matter when you need dress shoes not only because it is very hard to find a pair of dress shoes in that size, but also because when you do you are probably going to pay commensurately for them. To be fair and honest, even fair and honest prices for dress shoes are objectively high. That’s just the way the market works, and therefore, when you get a pair of shoes that fit you you’re going to be paying for them.

Hidden in these statements is the real reason why and when size 18 dress shoes matter. When you do finally find a pair that appeal to you and fit you as well, you’re going to want to take care of them. It might be awhile before you find another serviceable pair of dress shoes that actually fits you.

Which is why you need to get a fitting pair the first time around. Since you’re going to be spending on them, you need to get a pair that fits so that you don’t beat them up before their time.

Let’s say you can manage to squeeze into a pair of size 17s or even worse, into a pair of size 16s. If you can, you might look just fine, but the shoes won’t be feeling it and you probably won’t be either.

Dress shoes are not designed to take the kind of abuse that work boots and running shoes can. While there are some ergonomic, orthotic producers out there, they are not meant to put up with hellacious conditions. They are meant to look good. When you stress them, you will be severely curtailing their useful lifespan.

If you get a pair that is too small and squeeze into them, you will be compressing and then wearing away the liner prematurely. You will be causing the uppers to separate at the stitching, and you will even be wearing the soles away faster than you should be. Worst of all, you will probably cause the soles to delaminate or separate entirely from the uppers.

We will be presumptuous enough to assume and make the statement that you don’t want to do this to what may very well be your most expensive pair of shoes. Therefore, since you can't afford paying for them, get yourself a pair that fits you right the first time around and be done with it.

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