January 3, 2021

The Downside of Mini-Golf

It’s not all good news, though. The conditions of play at most mini-golf centers do not come anywhere close to replicating the putting conditions on course. A felt surface or AstroTurf over concrete makes for fast putting, but it cannot be compared with Augusta, folks!

The rock-hard surface might play havoc with pace and smooth swinging, and before you can say “ace” your natural putting rhythm has pulled back, as adjustments are made for the super fast and hard pitch. Also, the putters issued as rentals at the mini-golf center generally don’t have Scotty Cameron etched on the bottom. They are often heavy steel rods with a blade of iron at the bottom, pockmarked and chipped from the thousands of frustrated Dad’s or Mom’s crunching them into the concrete curbs after a poor stroke. 토토

These blades are akin to something found at the back of granddad’s shed. In other words, nothing like the putter of choice in the bag at home. The risk here is that with a few games of mini-golf under the belt each week, there will also be necessary adjustments required for the differently weighted club. This has danger written all over it!

Similarly, calculating the shot at mini-golf more resembles billiards in the sense, generally speaking, that it is rarely a straight shot. Instead, high school trigonometry skills are required to calculate the angles and number of surfaces required to reach the hole. Again, the danger here is that it doesn’t remotely resemble either authentic practice or real putting conditions. Balls are often poor quality, unlike game day usage, and bobble along at varying speeds seemingly taking unexpected turns.