January 8, 2021

«Faction Wars. Stage One» — all changes

On December 17, the traditional New Year's update was released. In update added and announced a lot of things. Let's look at everything in detail.

New destroyer Relic

New Jericho destroyer «Relic» was added, the first of three rank 17 destroyers.

The destroyer is not available in the ships tree yet, but it can be viewed in the Atlas. You can craft a destroyer by participating in a Battle Pass, which we will talk about later. For craft a destroyer you need to have 4 special parts, the rest of the resources are still unknown.

The special module is still in development, but the destroyer's TTC and the icon of Special Module are known.

icon of Special Module

All that is known about the gun is that it will be a powerful version of the Gauss cannon.

New weapon of fighter «Tornado»

«Mk-3 plasma gun» for fighter «Tornado» was added. Recall that this fighter was added in the summer of 2020 in the Battle pass.

Characteristics of the weapon:

The weapon was available in the recent marathon

New ship «Polar Bear»

New frigate rank 11, which is DLC in two versions: deluxe and ordinary edition, was added.

standart edition
deluxe edition

The frigate has a unique weapon – shrapnel weapon «Bear claw» which shoots ice shards.

Appearance of the weapon
Gun firing effect

Characteristics of the weapon and ship:

Characteristics of the Special Module, which freezes the ship, and gives it bonuses. Also, the special module passively gives 50 pts. of resistance to all damage.

Effect of freezing

Battle Pass «Faction Wars. Stage One»

Perhaps the biggest thing that appeared in the update is a new battle pass. To access additional rewards, you need to buy the pass. There are two versions: regular edition - 10$, deluxe edition - 35$.


A total of 40 stages in pass. To get the reward, you need to unlock the desired level. In order to get to the next reward - you need to pass all the previous levels. To open each level, you need 100 xenochips, that can be obtained by completing all tasks in the game with the icon of xenochip.

Full screenshot of rewards

Every 5th level is available for free. Levels that need a pass have a yellow stripe at the bottom.

All paints and decor which are included in the pass:

  • Colouring pattern «Curve» - 2 pass level
  • Colouring pattern «Orange» - 7 pass level
  • Colouring pattern «Stairs» - 13 pass level
  • Colouring pattern «Blue hypercube» - 23 pass level
  • Colouring pattern «Christmas festive» - 30 pass level
  • Colouring pattern «Pyramids» - 34 pass level
  • Colouring pattern «Frosty party» - 39 pass level
Морозная вечеринка
  • Paints «Iridescent orange» and «Iridescent yellow» - 4 pass level
  • Paints «Iridescent green» and «Iridescent turquoise» - 19 pass level
  • Paints «Iridescent violet» and «Iridescent pink» - 33 pass level
  • Decor «Snowman» - 12 pass level
  • Decor «Bag with utilites» - 27 pass level
  • Decor «Neon Rocket» - 40 pass level
Неоновая ракета

Other changes in last updates

We decided to collect a list of what was added in the early updates, but went unnoticed:

· Stingray: the number of required parts for crafting changed from 400 to 600;

· Gravilasso: upgrading became a bit cheaper;

· Multiphase Shield Adapter is now much stronger increases the resistance of shield;