October 30, 2020

Shungite Water

Do you know anything about shungite? Have you ever heard of it? Until recently I hadn't! It is a carbon mineral that can only be obtained in Russia from Karelia, in a small settlement called Shunga, which is a town near Lake Onega where scientists believe an asteroid landed over 2 billion years ago. Some scientists believe shungite is derived from this asteroid. But it gets even more amazing!

The asteroid formed a lake bed where many people bathed and healed in these waters. Russian Czar Peter was Shungite Water in ruler-ship in the 1800's when he noticed the health healing benefits of the waters of Lake Onega.

Once he made the discovery of the healing benefits of shungite he built structures turning the area into a spa. He instructed his soldiers to carry shungite water with them into battle for their continued good health; as they were healing faster than their enemies of their injuries and remained disease free during battle.

To make a long story short, this carbon mineral is a black rock containing what are called fullerenes. It is the only substance on earth that contains fullerenes. These fullerenes have many benefits. The first is that it purifies water, and most importantly to our society at large, it blocks harmful EMF's that come from our cellphones, televisions, WIFI, and all electrical outlets including microwaves.

There is scientific evidence to support these claims. Further, wearing shungite has been helpful in healing of cancer patients, high blood pressure, diabetes, pain relief, arthritis, schizophrenia, poor blood circulation to name a few.

Additionally it is good for enhanced mood and for attracting blessings and accelerating achievement of goals immediately. This is because it grounds the first chakra which makes one more dynamically focused.

Shungite comes in basically three forms. There is Elite or Noble shungite. It has the most carbon fullerenes at around 90-95%. There is silver and there is black shungite. Each containing their own quantities of carbon fullerenes. I recommend you start out with Elite (Noble) shungite if you will be using it mainly for healing purposes.

I'm no scientist nor am I a gemologist. However, I can tell you from my own experience that I have found relief from leg and foot pain brought on by a recent diagnosis of diabetes. The discomfort in my legs and feet had become constant. But from the first day I put on my shungite necklace I never experienced the pain in my legs and feet again to date.

Further, my mom has a rare blood cancer called Polycythemia which makes her very weak and therefore, she has been bed-bound. But immediately upon putting an Elite shungite bracelet on her arm she was up and about moving hither and fro! Her general mood and frame of mind appears to be much improved as well.

You can do your own research on shungite. Just make sure that you are getting your shungite from a reputable dealer who is importing it from Russia. There are books on Amazon about the scientific research found on this amazing stone. Better yet, try it yourself. You might just be amazed!