"The little prince"

The tale tells of the Little Prince, who visits various planets in space, including Earth. The story addresses the themes of solitude, friendship, love and loss. Despite the style of the children's book, her character talks about life and human nature

A little golden-haired boy, the owner of a small planet on which there is 1 rose and three volcanoes. In an adult intelligent, thinking baby. He is alone. He travels the planets and wonders at the “oddities” of adults. To return to his planet, asks the snake to bite him, this is a necessary step. A symbol of fidelity, wisdom, purity, eternal childhood.

In his work, the writer raised many global topics that for centuries have worried and continue to worry all of humanity. First of all, this is the topic of the search for the meaning of life. This is what the Little Prince does, traveling from one .

In my opinion, this book is very cool and vital. After reading this book, everyone can change their minds about their life. And this book taught me a lot.