Literary analysis

I Will Write about "Riverdale" series. The creator of this series is Roberto Aguirre Sacasa. This series based on "Archie comics. The genre of this series drama and detective.

This series tells about the lives of teenagers who are in high school. In my opinion on this series 4 main characters, this is Archie, Jughead,Elizabeth, Verinica.

At the start of series Archie and Jughead had been Best friends. They have been friends since elementry grades. They always help each other. Also Archie have been friends with Betty. They are neighbors. After school Archie always goes home with Betty. Archie studied poorly, because of this Betty always helpеd Archie with home work. They are great friends. However everything has changed, as Veronica came.

In my opinion theme this series is friendship and love of adolescents. Also detective. The entire series is based on the disclosure of new secrets of his city Riverdale.

This series symbolize. Indestructible friendship, they always help each other. They motivate each other. By this we can see that this friendship is an example for everyone.

From my view point, this is third person series. Also sometimes can be first person.

For me this series is great. I liked this series. If you want to watch detective and friendship series, it is "Riverdale". If you watch the first episode, I think you will want to see it again. You will not regret.