Guide: How to buy laptop

All brands laptop depends of serie even some brands can be worst but anyway even they have good ones

If took statistic of broke of laptop the worst brands these are HP and Lenovo

Best one:

1) Acer

2) Toshiba

3) Dell

I think acer this is optimal choise with no expencive ones.

Important things in every laptop these are:

1) CPU

2) Video card (GPU)

3) Battery

4) other


Of course better way this buy with CPU Intel models i3,i5, i7

and don't buy with CPU amd because they usualy have trotling and high temperature. Of course last proccersor Amd that call Ryzen ( I don't know maybe they good but advice i won,t be)

CPU intel too have some types for exampe i7-8550U where 8- this generation now 8th gen better last or 7 generation, U - this is type of cpu U- ones better dont took because this cpu energy efficient but not powerful. better took with last was M or MX or HQ. perfect cpu look like i5-8340M

Video card

GPU never took Radion video card, Only Geforce with models in your cost GT-940MX or Gt MX150.


With battery i know no a lot so usully need to check youtube before buy some model


Laptop can buy with a little ram memory because cost be no so expensive and you can add eam memmory another time if have money for exampe you cant add or change cpu or gpu but ram and hdd you can change when you want that make you safe money on this thing if took no a lot and safe on laptop was better cpu .

For you first time be enoough ram 4 gb and hdd 500 gb. but when be no enough you can add 4+4 gb have 8, and 500 gb change on SSD ( if have choice always better took laptop with SSD+ have HDD, because its realy with SSD memory laptop work faster)

I dont know mexican shop but in here can buy in 36000 rubles: I wanna say one i didnt find in this cost laptop with good Cpu there have only energy efficient but no so powerful. So of course if check cost wait discount can buy with good cpu that not last U. so if need to take without fololowing and a lot of thinking better took acer travelMate P2 with intel i5 and geforce mx150