January 31, 2020

Jerusalem Tourism

Jerusalem is a unique location, when you consider the rich history and clashing cultures that have crossed paths over the course of history here. Three religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) call Jerusalem the Holy City for their religion. As you go through the Old City, you may be overwhelmed by the feeling of spirituality flowing through you. You don’t even need to be particularly religious to enjoy a trip to Jerusalem. This article will take a look at some of the best things this city has to offer.

Western Wall

Easily one of the most visited points of interest in Jerusalem, those worshippers of Judaism visit the Western Wall to touch it while reciting their favorite scriptures. This has become a massive shrine for worshippers, where they come to get some solace or make their appeals. You don’t have to be Jewish to take in the beauty and spirituality of this site, but you should dress modestly when visiting it. The Western Wall can be found in the Old City.

Temple Mount/ Al Haram Ash Sharif

This is a heavily holy but disputed site that is known to Muslim worshippers as Al Haram Ash Sharif, which means “The Noble Sanctuary”. The Jewish community refer to this spot as the Har HaBayit, which means “Temple Mount”. This plaza is where 2 of the most sacred Muslim sites are located: Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. This area is also revered by the Jewish population as being the spot of the First and Second Temples. Again, this is another area where you should dress modestly when visiting.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Here you can find the herald entrance to one of the most sacred sites in Christianity. It is believed that this church was built over the area where Jesus was nailed to the cross, died, and was resurrected. As a result, this has become a major place for Christians to take their pilgrimage. While it’s primarily a tourist hot spot now, you can still marvel over the classic architecture of this site including the Crusader crosses.

Mahane Yehuda Market

While the other sites mentioned here were in the Old City, this popular market can be found right in the downtown area. During the day, this is a bustling market that tourists and residents enjoy to walk through and purchase their fresh goods. At night, this becomes a culinary delight for foodies who want to take in a bit of the Jerusalem cuisine after a long day of visiting the historic landmarks in the Old City.

When traveling to Jerusalem, there are a lot of things to consider. There are plenty of places that are considered the best hotels in Jerusalem, but you also want to decide where you want to stay. Do you just want to look at hotels in Jerusalem near the Old City? Would you like to stay in one of the hotels in Jerusalem Old City? Either choice can be a great one, but you have to consider which option best meets the needs of your dream vacation to Jerusalem.