January 14, 2021

Toyota Sienta

Toyota is an automobile giant from Japan and a leader in the Thai automobile market. It sells all 2 models of the 2019 Toyota Sienta: the 1.5G model, priced at 7.65 million baht and the 1.5V model, priced at 8.75 million baht.
The 2019 Toyota Sienta is a compact 7-seater mini MPV produced by the leader in the passenger car market in Thailand. Since its launch, it has many functions. It has 2 sliding doors, which is very convenient to open and close.

The latest facelift Toyota retains all the advantages of the car, has a new car exterior, and has added many conveniences to the car. It has 2 sub-models but the price is only 1-1.5 thousand baht, making the price the same as that of other competitors.
The new SUV 2021 Toyota Sienta will be unveiled next year. The current Sienta model has been on the market since 2015, so it is time to enter the second generation model. According to the prediction of the Creative311 website, by 2021, the body of the mini MPV will be larger but more dynamic.