January 14, 2021

Toyota Yaris Ativ

Toyota, the owner of the Thai car market, launched the 2020 Toyota Yaris ATF. The entry-level model starts at 5.29 million baht, and the premium version starts at 6.49 million baht. It is equipped with a 3NR-FKE engine, a 4-cylinder block, and a 16-valve DOHC Dual. VVT-iE, 1.2 liters, 92 hp, maximum torque 109 Nm.

Of course, Toyota's eco-car family must try to keep its products fresh. Competitors who continue to introduce new models may affect Toyota Yaris ATF sales more or less.
Toyota Yaris ATF updated the model in 2020. Toyota has been continuously developing. The main change to Yaris is to improve the engine to have higher performance.
The selling point of the 2020 Toyota Yaris ATF is that it has a car size suitable for use in the city and is comfortable to use. The engine has become more practical, but it is still as environmentally friendly as before and saves fuel, which is also welcomed by Thai consumers.
Toyota has made another revision of the Toyota Yaris ATF in response to its competitors. The competitor will launch a new model in 2020, and of course the latest modification. This emphasizes the strength of the car in terms of the versatility of the car suitable for the city, and installs many new equipment.