January 5, 2021

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla, as a compact model, has been welcomed by the global market since its launch in 1966. In 1997, Corolla became the world's most produced and sold car brand. As of 2007, more than 35 million vehicles have been sold. It can be said that in the past 40 years, a Corolla has been sold every 40 seconds on average. This series of models has undergone several large-scale designs since its release.

The 11th-generation Toyota Corolla Altis adopts the style of the European standard model in appearance. The emphasis includes the extension of the radiator cover trim to the two sides of the headlight group, and the front bumper grille extending to both sides to combine with the fog lamp. The air intake design on both sides of the rod can also adjust the stability of the airflow, while providing a more dynamic front appearance setting.

The focus of the rear part of the car is that in addition to the redesigned chrome trim strips extending to the taillights on both sides, the chrome trim strips are also newly added to match the body color to enhance the texture performance of the details. The renewed rear light group adopts the LED brake light design and introduces a light bar composed of 23 LEDs. The rear fog lights also use LED light sources to enhance the effect of vehicle identification at night.

As for the car color selection part, the Corolla Altis small facelift car series offers ebony black, aurora silver, dazzling red, cloud river gray and ferret white car color options, and for the first time a new car of starry night brown has been added. There are 6 car color settings in total.