February 5, 2020

Types of Legal Transcription Services

Transcription refers to the conversion of audio into written text. Audio files - being encoded - are not easily searchable. However, transcription makes it possible for search engines to infiltrate the content carried by the audio files. Transcription provides the benefit of indexability and searchability, helping legal corporations to easily navigate legal documents. Also, document dump is one of the ways corporations try to intimidate growing businesses; however, transcription services are here to help you with an easy way to navigate those documents.

Here, are the types of online legal transcription services that we frequently encounter:

  1. Medico legal transcription services: Used during medical jurisprudence, medico-legal transcription can include forensic reports, and patient consent forms during the resolution of murder, rape, medical malpractice, insanity, the establishment of paternity/maternity. Medico-legal or Forensic transcription services connects the sphere of medicine with legal services. 
  2. Court Transcription Services: Courts use stenographs to record spoken words in the court. These court cases can also be recorded and transcribed; this provides an equally viable solution for recording and indexing. Transcription of hearings is a focal point for many future legal proceedings. 
  3. Deposition transcription services: A deposition is a witness’s sworn out-of-court testimony. Deposition can be recorded by lawyers to build on cases and facts later to be presented in courts. Deposition transcription services provide a powerful tool to present detail in court and present better stronger arguments.
  4. Dictations, Meetings, and Conferences: Legal professionals are time-constrained when working up their case, building notes and facts, as well as attending court proceedings. Dictation thus becomes an important tool for lawyers because it helps to focus on the case at hand. Legal dictation transcription services become an important tool to analyze these dictations. Similarly, meetings and conferences can be transcribed creating memorandums and plans. 
  5. Memorandums: Memorandums are informal contracts between parties. Memorandum transcription helps to further build on future agreements, contracts, and understanding in the future. Surveillances and interrogations: From wiretaps and monitoring phone calls to transcription of everything recorded in interrogation rooms, online transcription services here to help you out. This helps in delineating facts for cases. Professional Legal transcribers can record lapses in speech patterns, change in expressions, and verbal-nonverbal tics that occur during surveillances and interrogations further helping with the case. 
  6. Subpoenas and Summons: Subpoenas are issued to a party to appear before a court. Summons are documents informing a person that a case has been filed against them. Subpoenas and summons can be submitted for transcription, making case organization easier and hence saving time for attorneys.