Making a video for ZHU

My name is Polina, I am an aspiring motion designer and a big fan of ZHU.
For my first full-fledged project, I decided to make a video with one of Steven's tracks - Came For The Low.

(In fact, it was very difficult to decide on the track, I chose from the more recent ones and stopped at this because of the good dynamics, suitable for the style of motion video)

The main task of such a mini clip is to convey the atmosphere of the music, its vibe, through various associations and abstractions, using 3D graphics.

I interviewed a couple of dozen people in fan communities and got a set of different associations and feelings that I embody in my video. I have collected the following mood board:

Now I am completing the stage of modeling the wireframe of future scenes, I will show half of them.

At the beginning there will be a flyby of the logo with the transition to the next frame with the road:

I will show the dynamics of the song and its acceleration using several plans with the acceleration of the car

One of the shots with the car will be a close-up of the interior of the car with the ZHU model at the wheel. I really liked the transitions in one of the last clips to the track "ONLY", I want to repeat the same effect with recursion in the transitions through glasses to the next plan.
It's quite exciting to start modeling a person, but I hope that the presence of a mask and glasses on the face will slightly reduce the complexity of the task, I will try)

Now everything looks damp and rather boring, in the next stages with the exposure of light and the imposition of textures, the picture will change a lot.

This is my first experience of creating a video of this type, I hope that everything will work out, thanks for your attention)