July 25, 2020


Some people think that free community service should be a part of high school.I absolutely agree with this opinion.In this essay, I will try to examine the causes of such affirmation.

First of all, community service is the most appropriate way to strengthen relationships between people. To illustrate, if a person works for charity, he or she will provide a good mood for others.Accordingly, people gain a sense of goodwill to each other.Therefore, the number of crimes and conflicts will become less than now.

Another reason is that social service has also influences on students.It can give birth to a feeling of patriotism.To demonstrate, if a pupil is engaged in public affairs,he or she will be closer to his or her own folk, because such students are always worry about the future of their country.As a result, such people will evolve their homeland by reaching high peaks in international areas.

Moreover, one of the most beneficial impacts of public service on learners is a variety of experiences in different fields.I think that this factor is the most essential now, because modern life prefers versatile people.For example, if a person has some controversial issue, he or she can effortlessly find a way out , since the individual has knowledge from several areas.

To conclude, I completely agree with this idea because it provides a lot of benefits not only for students also for society.I think that there are many other advantages for the whole world, which aid to achieve new goals.