Nowadays majority of people choose the life without changes,however others consider that modification is the best way to improve the quality of life.In this essay, I will try to examine both sides of the view and provide my own opinion.

Without a doubt , life is more convenient for person when he or she has a great connection with others and everything is familiar to individual.For example,I have been studying at my school for ten years and already the next educational year is the last one.Therefore,I worry to break up with friends and step out of my comfort zone.Because I bother that I will have some troubles in my future life and it would be difficult to solve without my closer mates.Moreover,changes do not always go for person's luck.To illustrate,someone wants to improve his or her life,thus he or she will decide to start business.However,if this business do not earn not so much money,it might led to bankrupt.

On the other hand, the trying to change life allows people also beneficial experiences.First of all,it assists to expand horizon of individuals,It means that if you try to work or study in different areas,you will earn a big amount of experience and get diverse information,that wil never be excess.In addition,you will not only expect work or education experience,you will start to study pshycology mankind by facing variety of priorities.

To conclude the above analysis,I consider that changes in life are one of the most essential ways to achieve success by collecting different types of experience,despite leaving comfort zone,because it would be useful to people to enlarge their outlook.