5 Decorative Ornaments Every New Yorker Must Have

New York is one of the famous cities in the world. New Yorkers are so proud of their city that they are always eager to share their enthusiasm with others.

Decorative ornaments are significant symbolic elements that are used to depict monumental structures. New York City has several iconic landscapes that remind everyone about the city's rich cultural history and heritage. If you are one of the proud New Yorkers, you should have these five large decorative ornaments for the home in New York.

Empire State Building StatueThe Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty in New York are the most famous landmarks in the city. The building stands 1,453 feet, 8 9/16 inches tall, and has 103 floors. The architecture of the building makes it's a unique structure. It has five entrances, 6514 windows, and an observatory on the 86th floor.

Every New Yorker should have an empire state building statue that reminds you of your city's great architectural history every time you see it.

1. Statue of Liberty Replica

The Statue of Liberty monument was a gift from France to the US. France gifted the statue as a celebration of friendship between two countries which became strong during the American Revolution. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes liberty, freedom, and democracy in the United States.

You can buy a Statue of Liberty replica and keep it in your home or office. Suppose you want the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty in New York into one decoration ornament. In that case, you can consider the New York Skyline globe that has miniatures of New York iconic landscapes combined into one.

2. New York Skyline Globe

The New York Skyline globe has several landmarks grouped in a small decorative piece. The NY skyline globe features Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire state building, the Statue of Liberty, and many other iconic landmarks in NYC. The intricacy of the miniatures makes it look attractive, and it a perfect gift for anyone who likes to have large decorative ornaments for the home in New York.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Globe 

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic suspension bridge in NYC that connects Manhattan Island and Brooklyn. The bridge has an attractive design that is instantly recognizable. If you like the Brooklyn Bridge, you can have the Brooklyn Bridge globe in your house as a reminder of this iconic structure.

4. Word Trade Center Twin Towers Replica 

The twin towers of the World Trade Center are a big attraction for tourists. These buildings are a symbol of America's prosperity and economic power. Every New Yorker needs to have a World Trade Center Twin Towers replica, giving them the strength to rise from adversity.

To sum up, these are five decorative ornaments that show the architectural beauty of the NYC landmarks. You can keep this in your home or office, and they will adorn the room.