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ABS Wood is among the renowned Brazilian hardwood retailers in the US. They provide premium quality Brazilian hardwood decking at competitive prices. For further details, browse their website today!

Brazilian Oak – Why Consider it to Use for Making Furniture?

Brazilian oak wood is a popular choice for decking because it looks similar to red oak but is cheaper. What many people don’t know is that it is also a great material for making pieces of furniture like cabinets, chairs, and chests. Here are some good reasons why you should consider it for your projects.

Points to Be Considered for When Choosing a Teak Wood Decking

Brazilian teak wood decking or sometimes called Cumaru decking is a great choice for hardwood decking for homes. With its natural beauty, resistance to decay and rot, teak wood decking lets homeowners enjoy enduring beauty for years. In fact, with proper maintenance and care, this hardwood decking can last more than 25 years.

Points to Remember When Choosing Between Maple Vs Brazilian Oak Flooring

Maple and Brazilian oak are two great choices when it comes to hardwood for flooring. They are some of the most common choices in the US because they are less expensive than ipe decking yet are also durable, naturally beautiful, and highly resistant. Both types of hardwood have few characteristics that make them desirable.

How Ipe Wood Decks Are Hassle Free for A Lifetime?

The expensive prices of ipe wood deck materials are the main reasons why some homeowners settle for less-durable and cheaper options. But if you understand how hassle-free an ipe wood deck is, you will be convinced that it is indeed worth the investment.

Make a Unique Look and Enhance the Beauty of your Home by Using Cedar wood Decking

When you think of the best decking material, you probably imagine ipe, garapa, and other types of hardwood. But did you know that cedar wood—which is a type of softwood—is also a great choice for decking? Though cedar wood is more expensive than many types of hardwood, it is still the choice of many home designers, builders, and homeowners. Curious to know why? Read further.