February 19, 2021

Duratia 30 Mg


Duratia 30mg is contain Dapoxetine active ingredient. It is mainly used in erectile dysfunction in men age 18 to 60 years. It is also used for as per advice by your doctor. Dapoxetine is a particular serotonin reuptake inhibitor, for the treatment of untimely ejaculation. In a phase dapoxetine demonstrated a statistically significant increase in ejaculatory latency when compared to placebo. Dapoxetine Medicine is a short performance selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) used primarily for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men aged within 18 to 64 years. This tablets shouln't be taken by men who are not diagnosed with premature ejaculation (PE)

How to duratia 30 mg works?

It is used to grow control over ejaculation and to extend the time before reaching ejaculation in men.

Dapoxetine works by increasing the levels of the natural serotonin,chemical in the brain. Increased serotonin levels may extend the time before ejaculation by slow to the pathways in the body and that are associated with premature ejaculation (PE).

This product is a not a cure for PE and treatment. It tablet doesn't protect to you and your partner from sexually including HIV and transmitted diseases. Duratia 30 MG doesn't grow your sex drive and will only work if you are sexually stimulated.

How to Use Dapoxetine 30 mg?

The tablets is to be used orally by mouth with a full glass of plain water. Duratia is advised to read the manufacturer is leaflet and that comes with the medicine. In there will be instruction on how to use Duratia 30 mg on the brochure. But if not, the patient can consult a certified doctor or pharmacist on how to use the capsul. It can be used without or with food.

How To Take Duratia 30mg Tablet?

Take swallow tablet.

• Take before 30 to 40 minutes.

• Do not crush and break the tablet.

• Take tablet is orally.

• Take medicine as per as your advice by your physician.

• Take a single dose per day.

• Take with a glass of water.

• If you can use condom, because this tablet isn't protact agaist sexual transmitted disease.

Duratia 30 mg Tablet Side effects:

In this following are the most common side effects of Duratia 30 mg tablet:

• diarrhea

• blurred vision

• nausea

• facial flushing

• fainting

• dizziness

• numbness in the jaw

• nasal congestion

• headache

Precautions and Warning for Duratia 30 mg Tablet:

Duration 30 mg should be used very cautiously:

• Bipolar Disorders

• Liver disease

• Orthostatic hypotension

• Bleeding disorders and seizures

• Lactose intolerance

• With recreational medicine containing amyl or butyl nitrates

• In the case of other surgeries or Dental Procedures.

• It isn't recommended for Pediatric Population and Females.

• Discuss with your doctor about all your medications or diseases to get the best possible dosage and treatment adjustment in any of the diseased complications or conditions .

Duratia 30 mg tablet shouldn't be taked with alcohol. Taking this tablet with alcohol can grow the chances of fainting and other side effects associated with drinking alcohol.

• Before taking this drugs you must always check the ingredient current in the drug to ensure that they are not allergic to the ingredient used in the drug.


Missed Dose

Take this tablet missed dose as soon as you remember it. It can be skipped if it nearly time for the next schedule of dose. It can be applies to conditions like Pulmonary Hypertension where the dose regimen is stable.


Contact to health care physician immediately if an overdose is suspected. You can might need instant medical meditation if the overdose is severe.


This medication should be stored at room temperature far from heat, moisture and light. Keep this medication at a safe place so that your children cannot come there.

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