Customs warehouse in Poland and the EU

Customs warehouse in Poland and the EU. Customs warehouse in Poland and the EU from AGL Division. We provide a customs warehouse for storing goods and cargo. A reliable customs warehouse will ensure the safety of any type of cargo, since we have at our disposal modern closed-type areas, open areas, freezers, premises for storing valuable goods. Renting a customs warehouse is possible for reloading goods / cargo in Poland and Europe, as well as for permanent storage and temporary storage.

Additional services provided by our company:
Deconsolidation of goods;
Consolidation of cargo;
Groupage cargo handling;
Long-term storage in a warehouse of category A;
Storage of goods at temporary storage warehouse;
Execution of documents EX-1, T-1, TIR, CMR;
Marking, packaging, repackaging;
Weight and nomenclature control;
Photo and video recording.
We need a customs warehouse, then we have a solution for you !!!
Our experts will complete any task. Please contact us. AGL Division

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