October 13, 2019

Industry behind the curtain

From a simple host of pirated content, Pornhub has become a rich platform, able to broadcast a string of pornographic videos on the web. To attract celebrities and brands, and to raise awareness about environmental issues. The story of a success story by the Spanish daily El País.

Some speak of it as the "Kinsey Report of our generation". The numbers show that it would take many lives to watch the billions of videos it hosts. The Pornhub platform offers enough different categories, acrobatics, morphologies, ethnicities, genres, places, orientations and fetishes to satisfy the most singular vices, or even to discover new ones.

Imagine that you want to know more about the offices or the employees of Pornhub: Google will then hasten to offer you videos such as "My assistant wants an increase" or "Naughty Secretary seduces his boss". And if you type "Pornhub Story", you will not find any enlightening article on the trajectory of the site, but videos like "The erotic adventures of Marco Polo" or "Pipe at the Museum of Creationism".

One could conclude that at the level of the search for content, Pornhub beats Google flat out. However, Google is the most visited site in the world, Pornhub only reaching the 38th place in the ranking. But if you're looking for something, Pornhub probably has a video on the subject.

Thylmann, "self-porn-man"
Pornhub is born two years after Youtube, created by web developer Matt Keezer as part of Interhub. The domain name "Pornhub" cost only € 2,500. But the course of its history changes in 2010, with the arrival of Fabian Thylmann, born in Aachen (Germany) in 1978.

Previously, Pornhub hosted only hacked content: users posted copyrighted pornographic videos that were illegally on their hard drives. Thylmann brings to the company a quality for the least surprising in the porn industry: coldness.

With a businessman mentality, he bought Pornhub and, in the same movement, its competitors like YouPorn or RedTube. This man has allowed the world to consume any type of porn for free anywhere and anytime. But he did not do it for sex; he did it for the money.

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