August 6, 2019

Stock market review August 6, 2019

Keep falling?

Nasdaq 100 🇺🇸

The cost of the index managed to update historical highs, but against the backdrop of fundamental and political events, the price seriously rolled back down.

Probably the reason, among other things, is that at the end of July, investors decided to take profits in order to buy cheaper in the future. We are of the same opinion.

This week, most likely we will see further development of a downward correction, which may slow down by the end of the week.

Nikkei 225 🇯🇵

In most cases, this index repeats the movement of the USD / JPY currency pair. There are more questions than answers in this market.

The stock market crashed down amid the Fed’s decision, Trump’s rhetoric and actions in relation to the trade war with China. The key mark of support is a strong level.

The purchase price is very favorable. In 2017 and 2018, the level successfully hit the price up, and as you know, the history in the financial markets is repeating itself.

FTSE 100 🇬🇧

Unable to set a new historical maximum, the index value collapsed amid a general panic of investors.

Undoubtedly, current events resonate with any financial instruments. Investors run into crypto assets.

The general market sentiment is controversial, however, in general, the market is bullish. Despite this, the outlook for the current week is downward.