The Queen Of The Indian Kitchens – Chili Of India

Chili is an integral ingredient of the Indian kitchen. It is the natural source that adds the spice index to the Indian culinary delicacies. No Indian cuisine or food item is complete without a dash of chilies. This can come in the form of green chilies, dry red chilies or a dash of red chili powder. The dry red chilies are obtained in the fresh raw form and are then dried in the sun to get the final version or the final product. In the scenario of the chili of India the red dry chilies are the most popular ones.

Brief background

The red dry chilies belong to the family of the chili peppers or the capsicum annum. They grow on the capsicum pepper plant and are noted for their spicy and hot flavors. These red chilies belong to the family of nightshade and are related to the families of tomatoes and bell peppers. The red dry chilies get their hit spiciness from the element of capsaicin. Capsaicin is again the element that offers health benefits out of consumption of chilies.

Nutrition content

Chilies due to their heat index are often consumed in very tiny amounts. Hence they cannot be considered to be a source that can supply an ample amount of any particular type of nutrient. However chilies are rich in multiple nutrient contents like Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, Vitamin B6, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin A, etc. They are also rich in carotenoid that offers numerous health benefits. Chilies are also found to be effective in providing relief from pain and also help weight loss programs.

A major export product

India is famous for her chilies. It produces a wide variety of chilies like Byadgie, 273 Wrinkle, Indam 5, Mundu, wonderhot, S4 Sanam, Tomato, S17 Teja, etc. A maximum portion of this produce is consumed by the internal customers or within the national market. About 30% of the produce is exported to the global markets. The Indian chilly exporters are known for the wide variety of products they bring for the world. They are also known for the quality they bring, which is seriously commendable.

Cuisine application

The Indian dry red chilies are consumed in a wide variety of ways. They are one of the main spices used in the Indian cuisine. They are used as a whole and are also used in the powder form. The powder red dry chilies are packaged and can be stored for a longer duration in a clean dry jar. The whole chilies are mainly used for tempering purpose and are often added as a means of garnish. They are used in the Indian curries, Indian gravies, certain chutneys, pickles, papads, etc.


The wide variety of usage of the red dry chilies explains the high demand of the Indian red dry chili exporters in the global market. Chilies if eaten in a moderate amount can be highly beneficial for your health. It is advisable to gradually include the ingredient in your palette if you have not really started with it so far.