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Servet Duran

Servet Duran was born in 1983 in Turkey. Servet, one of 7 kids, came to Belgium with his family when he was 5 years old. Wealth, love, and interest in Turkish music from a young age. After graduating, he began to update his hobby more and more towards professionalism. Over the years he broadened his environment to collaborate with major artists, producers, and labels at home and abroad. In 2005 he also took part in a singing competition that was broadcast on the Turkish channel 'Kanal Avrupa'. However, the real work started when he made his first professional album in 2012 where he also signed a record deal with 'Kiliç Music Film' in Istanbul (TR). After his first professional album, he released a few singles and collaborated with some...

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Money Manager: Expenses, income Money Tracker

Money Manager & Expenses income manager/tracker helps you to track where the money comes from and goes. It takes seconds to record daily transactions. Put them into clear and visualized categories such as Expense: Food, Shopping, or Earning: Salary, Gift.

Simple invoice maker, Estimate & Quote Billdu

A simple invoice maker is the perfect invoice maker. It's perfect for any kind of small business owners, contractors, and freelancers needing a fast, easy to use mobile invoicing solution. Create, send, and track invoices and estimates easily on your phone. Manage all of your billing while on the go so you can get paid faster. Send the estimate or invoice before you even leave the customer. It is a user-friendly app that allows you to send professional invoices or estimates through email to your customer. This handy app organizes and tracks your invoices and reminding customers about their payments.

Invoice Maker - Receipt, Estimations Invoice Maker

Invoice Maker & Receipt Maker is trusted by small business owners in more than 180+ countries to send professional invoices and estimates to their clients with the support of more than 40 languages.