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Devops Terraform Course

In this DevOps terraform tutorial for beginners video you will learn what is AWS DevOps terraform, AWS cloud, various terraform providers, how to create an ec2 instance, how to install terraform and work on the various attributes and variables in detail.

Digital Marketing Course

In this digital marketing course you will learn end to end about digital marketing right from what is digital marketing, evolution of digital marketing, examples of digital marketing, 4 c's of digital marketing, digital marketing funnel, digital marketing strategies and trends, job opportunities in digital marketing and hands on demo on sem and seo for a website. This digital marketing tutorial for beginners has enough concepts to help you get started in the fascinated domain of digital marketing.

Azure Certification

In this video on Azure Certification, you will learn what is Azure, Which Azure Certification Should You Choose, Azure Core Architecture & Core Azure Services, hands-on how to create a VM on Azure, and how to Architect & deploy an Application on Azure, and lastly Azure Certification Interview Questions. This is a must-watch session for everyone who wishes to learn Azure and make a career in it.

DevOps Course

In this devops course for beginners video you will learn devops end to end right from what is devops, various devops tools it has like docker, git, jenkins, chef, kubernetes, nagios, puppet, ansible in detail.

Ethical Hacking Tutorial

In his Ethical Hacking tutorial for beginners video, you will learn what is ethical hacking, types of hacking, DDos, cryptography, information about ethical hacking certification, how to become an ethical hacker, various risks associated with the internet, various ethical hacking practices, with complete hands-on for better understanding of the concepts.

Natural Language Processing

In this natural language processing video, you will learn what is a natural language, text mining in NLP, file handling in python, NLTK package, tokenization, artificial intelligence, hands-on demo, frequency distribution, stop words, and the concepts of bigrams, trigrams, and n-grams, NLP interview questions in detail. This NLP with Deep Learning and Machine Learning video is a must-watch for everyone who wants to learn NLP and make a career in the AI domain.

Angular Tutorial

In this Angular tutorial you will learn what is angular, angular architecture, what is typescript, Data binding & interpolation, angular components, Variable Declaration & Function Declaration, Encapsulation & Polymorphism in Angular, Angular Routing and Navigation, various angular basic & advanced concepts, hands-on demo on how to import & export data in angular, Angular JS vs Angular vs React JS and angular CLI among others.

Data Analytics for Beginners

In this Data Analytics for beginners video you will learn what is data analysis, the life cycle of data analysis, the various skills to become a data analyst, the difference between data analysis and data science, the difference between a data analyst and data engineer, pandas, data analysis using pandas, NumPy and data analysis interview questions in detail.

Power BI Tutorial For Beginners

🔵 In this Power BI Tutorial for beginners video, you will learn Power BI from basic to advance level along with a hands-on demo so that you get maximum knowledge to understand this technology well. Watch this Power Bi Training video to learn Power BI charts in the easiest way possible. This is so far the best video from Intellipaat to learn Power BI. This video also covers Power BI interview questions and answers which will be helpful in clearing the Power BI interview. This is a must-watch video for everyone who wishes to learn powerBI and make a career in the BI domain.

Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners

In this Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners Video, you will learn what is Kubernetes and its features, Architecture of Kubernetes, Kubernetes Objects & YAML Files, Annotation, Field selectors, Labels, namespace, Kubectl Basic Commands, Machine Learning on Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine, Hands-on demo on Kubernetes on AWS, Kubernetes Interview Questions.