June 19, 2022

TARGET: How Not To Lose Millions?

Targeting is a platform for making mistakes and getting them right. Anyone who, after a couple of «failures», gives up, immediately loses the audience of famous messengers. What helps not to make mistakes?

1) Facebook and Instagram are different cabinets for advertising.

The first one is complicated and effective, and the second one is simple and «overconsumption». If you get 5 applications a day from Instagram, you can get 5 times as more from Facebook.

If you have 10 ads configured on Facebook, run one ad on Instagram and see the results! It will impress you.

2) «There are clicks for the fifth day in a row - it's time to increase the budget!»

This is a non-working strategy. Facebook, seeing a sharp increase in the budget, begins to "relax" and use more money to achieve a not-so-expected result. There will be growth, but not as much as there could be. Increase your budget little by little!

3) Don't lose your audience - gather contacts!

A long-term game will give millions and global growth prospects to the company.

Lead the CRM, set the pixels, get the numbers in a spreadsheet, and use it all in your ads! This is jet fuel for further action.

4) Targets tests are the main growth tool.

If they are not, the campaign loses momentum. Tests are the process by which new elements of the campaign are tested during the working elements of the campaign:

- offers;

- creatives;

- audience;

- converters and so on.

As a result, more effective elements emerge and the campaign grows!

5) At some point, you'll need a targetologist.

If you are a business owner and intend to customize advertising yourself - stop doing it!

You might learn how to do it at a good level, but after losing a decent budget and realizing that targeting is very difficult! At worst, targeting could be a bad experience and you forget about it.

When the business scales and grows, everything goes to delegating - finding a professional. Start doing it now! This is one of the most serious investments in your project!