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In Hydrography, Okeanus provides a product portfolio for mapping the seabed from very deep water to shallow water. Within that range, Okeanus can match client requirements for size, ease of use and performance with quality packages in accordance with the budget. Also, to providing complete solutions accessories that contribute ranging from sound speed sensors, brackets, mounting kits, gondolas, and cables to INS motion and system compensation including final processing, installation and delivery stations to meet requirements and ensure optimal end-performance systems can be provided by the company. The Okeanus provides Ocean Survey Equipment for single-beam echo sounders, multibeam echosounder systems, and multibeam scanning sonar. All...

Focuses On The New Technologies For Ocean Surveys!

Okeanus brings the combination of science and technological advances and dispatches an enormous number of sea study gear which assumes a vital job in gathering the logical marine information. Okeanus Provides rental solution for every project which has been a good new who are restricted for their budgets. Up till now each project undertaken under the name of Okeanus is completed and running swiftly and efficiently. The contentment of the client and their testimonial are the only success certificates which Okeanus is holding on. Ocean Survey Equipment are customized by the Okeanus Engineers team according to client’s need.