Tim Cook has been heading Apple for 10 years. Let's remember the important

On this day, exactly ten years ago, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, a company he founded with Steve Wozniak. He officially appointed Tim Cook as the new head. Two months later, Steve Jobs passed away.

Tim Cook headed Apple in a turbulent time when Jobs was fighting pancreatic cancer, and the future of the company seemed uncertain. Many questions immediately arose for the new head of the company, and the most important of them were whether he would follow Jobs' footsteps or realize his own vision of Apple's development.

Just a day after Cook became CEO, he sent a letter to all employees promising that Apple would not change. The first device to be released under Tim's leadership as head of the company was the iPhone 4S in 2011. It was developed by Steve Jobs.

The first smartphone fully developed under Tim Cook was the iPhone 5 in 2012. The device was a turning point in the history of the model range, as for the first time Apple increased the screen size and made the case very thin.

Two years later, Tim Cook from the stage introduced the Apple Watch as One More Thing. Steve Jobs used this phrase to refer to revolutionary products. The watch was the first brand new device during Tim's reign.

The second important announcement with Cook's One More Thing took place in 2017. Then it was ten years since the first iPhone was released. The launch of the iPhone X, which received the largest redesign in Apple's history, was timed to coincide with this date.

In the following years, the company under the leadership of Tim Cook produced many new products and services, and later became the first company in the world with a trillion dollar capitalization. Looking back at all this, I would like to note that Tim Cook definitely had a huge impact on Apple's development vector and made a significant contribution to its success.