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Tim Cook has been heading Apple for 10 years. Let's remember the important

On this day, exactly ten years ago, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, a company he founded with Steve Wozniak. He officially appointed Tim Cook as the new head. Two months later, Steve Jobs passed away.

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Apple One Single Subscription Available Today

Apple has announced that Apple One will be available as a single subscription in hundreds of countries from today. The exact launch time is still unknown.

IPhone 12 presentation date announced

The iPhone 12 and other Apple products will be unveiled on September 15th. This is with reference to the company's statement reported by The Verge.

Apple Watch 6! What is known about the new Apple watch

A few days remain until the alleged Apple presentation, at which, as expected, the new iPhone will not be presented, but the new Apple Watch - Apple Watch 6 may see the light of the day. Apple has already registered the updated watch, so we just have to hold our breath and wait. Apple updates its watch every year, and 2020 should be no exception. In this article, we have collected everything we know about the Apple Watch 6: what the new watch will be made of, the main features, the release date and much more.

Apple explains how machine learning makes better products

Which technology has Apple been promoting the longest and most aggressively? If I were asked this question, I would call augmented reality without hesitation. Despite the fact that the company has not particularly shown itself in this area, the entire top management has been forcing AR for a long time, at each presentation talking about what vast opportunities this technology can offer us. But machine learning in Cupertino for some reason diligently does not mention, although in fact it underlies almost every Apple product, making it better.

Why MacBook won't charge to 100 percent

New Mac owners often find their laptop not fully charged. The charging percentages "freeze" at around 80, 85 or even 98, and the cherished "weaving" does not appear for some time. As a result, many people immediately begin to think that the computer's battery is out of order, or some other problem has appeared. Apparently, Apple is often asked this question, so the company clarified why this behavior of the MacBook battery. Spoiler alert - your Mac is fine, it just got smarter.

Apple wants to use iPhone as a payment terminal

Payment service Apple Pay is very popular all over the world, and one of the leaders in its distribution among users is Russia. Paying for goods and services without a physical bank card has proven incredibly convenient, so the number of transactions made using Apple Pay is growing rapidly. Apple is more than anyone else interested in the development of its service, as it receives a certain percentage of each payment. And, it seems, is not going to be limited only to user payments: in Cupertino they also want to process these purchases, making the iPhone a payment terminal.

Why is the iPhone 12 presentation going online again?

Apple's June 22, 2020 launch, which unveiled iOS 14 and a host of other new products, was one of the most unusual events in the company's history. There was not a single spectator at the presentation - only hundreds of thousands (or maybe even millions) of those who watched the event from the screen of their iPhone, iPad, computer or TV. Each part of the presentation was pre-recorded. Someone appreciated this format, for others “this is not what it used to be”, the rest generally reacted calmly - the main thing, they say, is that new items are shown. This fall we have another Apple event dedicated to the presentation of the new iPhone 12, and it looks like it will be held in the same format.

When is the next Apple presentation and what will be shown on it

There is almost a 100% chance that there will be no Intel iMac update this week. Those who predicted this managed to attract attention to themselves - but now no one will believe them. In vain: by sacrificing their reputation, they caused a storm. Reputable and well-deserved colleagues in response began vying to predict the incredible - AirPower, AirTag, Apple TV 4K of the new generation and two new HomePods at once. Plus, prophecies began about new computers with Intel or Apple Silicon inside and about similar platitudes like iPhone 12, various iPads and Apple Watch 6. They fade against this background, like stars in the light of the moon. But even this seemed insufficient to the masters of rumors and gossip. They released...