July 30, 2020

When is the next Apple presentation and what will be shown on it

There is almost a 100% chance that there will be no Intel iMac update this week. Those who predicted this managed to attract attention to themselves - but now no one will believe them. In vain: by sacrificing their reputation, they caused a storm. Reputable and well-deserved colleagues in response began vying to predict the incredible - AirPower, AirTag, Apple TV 4K of the new generation and two new HomePods at once. Plus, prophecies began about new computers with Intel or Apple Silicon inside and about similar platitudes like iPhone 12, various iPads and Apple Watch 6. They fade against this background, like stars in the light of the moon. But even this seemed insufficient to the masters of rumors and gossip. They released Apple's schedule for this fall. What will she announce and on what days. Now it is easy to catch them in a lie, but they themselves understand this very well and would not substitute themselves if they did not have good reasons.

Think we won't see new products until September? But no

When will the Apple presentation take place

The slogan “Think Different” in Apple today, as at the end of the last century, remains a guide to action. Apple autumn this year will start on August 19. In Apple Spas. It is on this day that Apple is said to have scheduled an event that will announce the Intel iMac, AirPods Studio, HomePod 2 and HomePod mini. Externally, the iMac will not change, options with hard drives will become a thing of the past, and most likely Fusion Drive technology will also go there. Intel has matured apple modifications of 10th generation desktop processors, 14nm Intel Comet Lake S.

AirPods Studio Concept

Until June 22 of this year, the description of these crystals would surely arouse interest - up to ten physical cores, which are converted by Hyperthreading technology into twenty virtual ones, with a clock speed in Turbo-Boost mode up to 5.1 GHz (and in Turbo-Boost 3.0 even up to 5.2 GHz), but this is no longer impressive. Almost everything is known about AirPods Studio, HomePod 2 and HomePod mini. The event, of course, will be either virtual (someone will record a presentation of the most interesting new products on video), or "none" (Apple will limit itself to publishing press releases, the rest of the audience will find out). But this will only be the beginning of the season: everything will be even more interesting further.

iPhone 12

Left hypothetical iPhone 12, right - iPhone 4

The second virtual event of the season will take place on Tuesday, September 8, and it is highly unlikely that Apple will be limited to press releases this time. Painfully burning topics.
AirTag. This is the "usual dish" of the September events, news that has grown old without becoming a reality.
However, information about the iPad and iPad Air is unofficial, and in fact, everything may not be so. But the star of this show will be the iPhone 12. The public imagines dozens (if not hundreds) of designs, configurations, 5G support levels and the like. About Apple A14, though about its computer modifications, more is known than about some of the systems-on-a-chip from Apple that actually exist and work in millions of devices.

A bold concept for the new iPad mini

Even if the iPhone 12 does indeed announce on September 8, as indicated in Apple's fall schedule (which apparently hangs somewhere in the foyer of the Apple Park Star Cruiser), the question of when it will start shipping remains open. According to unofficial information from various sources, serious problems arose with the production and delivery of components for the iPhone 12. Some models will go on sale earlier, some later, this process can take a long and interesting time, until October or even until November. The holiday season is likely to be boring this year - but by the time it kicks off, all iPhone 12 models should be on the shelves in sufficient quantities.

Apple Presentation 2020

The date is announced in the schedule: October 27. Tuesday. On this day, Apple will present the first Macs with Apple Silicon inside. Or the first Mac. In theory, Apple Silicon is a supernova and something incredibly attractive. That is why the Apple stock price almost crossed the $ 400 mark (reaching 399.88).

The first model of anything, no matter how carefully and with what attention to detail it was prepared for release, is never perfect. Incidents, problems and disappointments are almost inevitable. Therefore, the first Mac with a fundamentally new architecture should shock and impress at least its appearance, it cannot but be different, unlike anything else. What Apple thinks about this is unknown, and in any case it will be a real revolution, even if it will be (externally) the most ordinary MacBook Pro with 13.3 inches diagonally, in a case that does not differ from the case of its May ancestor in nothing, except for a set connectors.

There is still controversy about which Mac will be the first with Apple Silicon

In addition to the most revolutionary Mac in their entire history (there has never been a serial Mac with its own processor and chipset on a chip), the schedule for this day is the presentation of the iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K. In the prediction and in the schedule (apparently) the new Apple TV model is named that way. But at which event the promised L0vetodream will be announced alive and working AirPower (with Apple A10 or A12 to violate the laws of physics), the schedule says nothing. It's a secret?

New monitor for Mac

Apple online store suddenly ran out of LG UltraFine 5K displays. And not only in the online store, but also wherever they could be purchased before. At the same time, there is no information about what could replace it, neither on the website, nor in other places where it could be bought.

Is it time to update LG UltraFine 5K?

Just sold out? Online Apple Store specialists might not have noticed that stocks of LG UltraFine 5K had come to an end, LG UltraFine 5K manufacturers could have problems with component suppliers, Apple caught LG in something bad - there are many possible reasons for the termination of sales. But last year there was already something similar, in the smallest detail. Last year, it all ended with the arrival of the new LG UltraFine 5K model on the shelves. Once LG UltraFine was shown to the public at one of the apple shows. Shortly after Apple's Thunderbolt Display ceased production and sales. It was publicly and personally recommended by Phil Schiller. How it will end this time is unknown.