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How is unlocking done?

Price and time?

How to pay for services?

Trust issue?

What is premium service?

Lost/clean — what’s the difference?

Apple GSX/Connect

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I highly recommend reading this post! In it, I will answer frequently asked questions. It only takes you 5 minutes to read! It will save your and my time…

How is unlocking done?

Unlocking is performed remotely via IMEI (15 digits) or serial number.

Once unlocked, you can set up your device as new. When the unlocking process is complete, I will inform you. If necessary, I tell the client step by step what needs to be done to configure the device.

What is IMEI?

IMEI is an international identifier for mobile equipment. A 15-digit number that is unique to each machine that uses it. It is used in cell phones of GSM, WCDMA and IDEN networks, as well as in some satellite phones.

How I can find IMEI?

  • In settings

Select «About device», scroll down to the line with your IMEI

  • Service team

On the dialing screen, use the numeric keypad to enter * # 06 #

  • On the cover of the phone

On the back of the phone, look at the bottom of the cover. Not all phones have this

  • On the SIM card tray

Use a needle to remove it from the phone, IMEI will be written there in small print

What will the IMEI check give?

The IMEI check will help you find out the information you need about your phone. Like the current operator or blocking status.

Price and time?

Money - time

The price / time / possibility of unlocking depends on various factors – model, type of blocking, warranty availability, unblocking attempts, operator agreement, debt, country of sale and some other factors (service center policy in some countries, change to Apple connect / GSX portal service policy).


iPhone 7/7+ = $65 and ⬆️

iPhone 8/8+/X = $85 and ⬆️

iPhone XR/XS(max) = $95 and ⬆️

iPhone 11 (pro/max) = $115 and ⬆️

iPhone 12 (pro/max/mini) = $140 and ⬆️

iPad Pro 10.5/12.9(2rd) = $110 and ⬆️

iPad Pro 12.9(3rd)/pro 11 = $130 and ⬆️

iPad 8(10.2)/mini 4/5 = $105 and ⬆️

iPad Air 4 (10.9) = $140 and ⬆️

Apple Watch S3 = $65 and ⬆️

Apple Watch S4/S5/SE = $90 and ⬆️

Apple Watch S6 = $110 and ⬆️

MacBook/iMac - usually needs to be checked individually

⚠️ approximate price list
⚠️ price for premium service may differ

ℹ️ time for clean mode 3-5 days

ℹ️ time for lost mode 5-7 days

To unblock the carrier – I need to check the details (contract availability, blacklist register, debt, etc.). Verification takes some time (usually 1–6 hours). After checking, I can say for sure whether it is possible to unlock or not, as well as the price and time.

ℹ️ The real unlocking service has no low prices! (low prices are suspicious) 🧐 Why? The reason is obvious! Apple is money! 99% of resources and tools are paid, for this reason, the process is costly (most of it goes to the process itself).

Unlocking permanent or temporary?

After unlocking, you can configure it as a new one, there will be no restrictions, you can also update the device.

ℹ️ I provide full unlock

Payment BEFORE or AFTER?

The process is costly. Most of it goes to the process itself.

Trust is not a problem!
Technically there is no free process, the toolbox (service center / server / Apple GSX) are paid resources. Therefore, I cannot allow loss in my work.

ℹ️ I think more detailed explanations are not required. The rules are set! The rules suit you – we cooperate. Not suitable – no problem, look for other specialists (this is your right).

Payment method? Bitcoin / Payeer

ℹ️ You can choose any bitcoin wallet of your choice. I recommend these wallets, they are the most popular (reliable, safe and easy to use).

ℹ️ These Bitcoin wallets have mobile applications for IOS and Android

ℹ️ I also recommend the multicurrency payment system - PAYEER

ℹ️ If you don't know how to use a Bitcoin wallet. Which is very strange in 2021, given the fact that Bitcoin (like any cryptocurrency) is the MOST popular electronic currency in the world. In this case, read the information on the Internet, there is an incredible amount of information on this topic.

How can i trust? What guarantees?

Check out the information and my work on the channel. A lot of reports (evidence) of my work (link to the channel at the end of the publication ⬇️)

I usually do not hide the IMEI of the device (if the client does not mind). The date and time of the check is visible, you can also check it yourself.
My telegram channel has over a thousand subscribers and is constantly growing. These are my clients! I am sure that the scammer will not collect that many clients.

ℹ️ I am not a restaurant (or a supermarket) and I have no complaints books and I don’t issue receipts! The work that I do is very «specific» and requires certain rules of confidentiality and security, both for me and for clients.

ℹ️ What happens if the device does not unlock?
If we cannot unlock your device, we will refund your money (transfer fees may be withheld, if any).

Lost or clean mode, what’s the difference?

I’ll tell you a secret. The lock mode (lost / clean) is just a software setting of the Apple system as part of the implementation of the user’s security system. And this software setting has nothing to do with legal liability.

If, as a rule, everything is clear with the clean mode, and there is no particular need for explanations. And with the lost mode, I will explain a little. The device can be in the lost mode for various reasons and the activation of this mode can be initiated not only by the user, but also by other sources (service center / operator). For example: the operator has submitted an application to the service center, the reason is a violation of the contract, as a rule, the device is switched to lost mode (this allows you to restrict the use of the device, it can also be additionally added to the black list). But! This does not mean that the device has been stolen. As I said earlier, this is just a software setting.

Therefore, having the experience and the necessary resources, it is possible to unlock not only the clean mode, but also the lost mode.

What is premium service?

Is the provision of a service to unlock Apple devices through an Apple Authorized Service Center.

ℹ️ Premium service provides the ability to unlock complex and problematic devices. But this service is quite expensive. Therefore, for older devices, this service is not cost-effective (for example, it makes sense to pay for the iPhone X, but not for the model below).

Apple GSX/Connect

I want an Apple GSX account. How do I get it?

The Apple GSX is a specialized tool that Apple provides to a limited number of professionals for the purpose of providing service through the AppleCare program. In fact, this is a comprehensive tool for various tasks in the Apple ecosystem.

We provide Apple GSX Account + Apple Connect with full access. Admin role to use this account like your own server and provide iCloud and Networks Unlocking services to your clients, also with this account you offer up to 100s services like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch etc. FMI, GSX info, Owner info by imei etc. For complete details what’s you can use with this account we write in the end of this article.

We offer Apple GSX Account + Apple Connect with:

12 months validity - 1699$
6 months validity - 999$
3 months validity - 699$ (available is limited, it is necessary to specify individually, since this period is not provided by Apple on an ongoing basis)

What’s you got from us with Apple Account:

  • Free Account Configuration
  • Free Software Integrated for complete control your account and easily handle Account at your PC or Mac
  • Free Video Tutorials and guides
  • Free API Link if you have any Website, FB Page, Blog or any platform where you want to sale your services by Apple Accounts
  • Free Fully Virtual Guides with videos and 24/7 live supports even in first time login if need our an executive come on your PC with the help of TeamViewer or any desktop software and show you how to use and control your new Account

What we need from you:

  • Full Name
  • Country/City
  • Email + Additional email
  • Phone number( 2FA for account)
  • IP-address (only needed to register an account, not needed in the future)

We accept payments from below options - Bitcoin / Payeer

Delivery time:

Once payment confirm and we get information which we need from you for configure an account we take 48 to 72 hours, to give you complete access.

What can you do with this Apple GSX Account:

Specially removing iCloud from any Apple iDevices ( iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watch, iMac, Macbooks all models) No matter what iOS you use.

2-nd biggest option you can get free owner info by imei or serial with message date of birth address, phone etc. Free check unlimited imeis, GSX Reports, free any imei repair ( This option also use for lost imeis removing iCloud), free carrier checking by imei or serial, networks unlocking option (For this you must have add credits and Apple Supports upto 147 Networks Officially Unlocking Now) and more up to 100`s features/options in this GSX Account that many peoples who buy GSX Accounts sale all services to their customers and that services in GSX Account completely free, so with this features upto 100’s you offer many services to very low cost that you won customer satisfaction that’s main point of busyness and unlimited respect with legally works. From them features some we describe below

What imei check info its with GSX Account free mostly people use this free services for impressed there customers or sale on 1 to 2.5$.

iPhone Carrier Check + Activation Lock + FMI Info + GSX Report

What you can do free with this apple GSX:

  • Can Access Activation Policy
  • Can access Admin view of Service Excellence data
  • Can access Repair History
  • Can access Resources
  • Can access Technician view of Service Excellence data
  • Can access Web Services
  • Can administer User Access and Roles
  • Can authorize Orders created by other users
  • Can authorize Repairs created by other users
  • Can check Coverage/Warranty
  • Can create and manage Dispatch Escalations
  • Can create and modify Stocking/Fulfillment Orders
  • Can create Carry-in Repair
  • Can create GSX Help Escalations
  • Can create Mail-in Repair
  • Can create Onsite Repair
  • Can create Whole Unit Carry-in Repair
  • Can create Whole Unit Exchange and iPhone Repair
  • Can create Whole Unit Mail-in
  • Can Find/View User Info and Roles
  • Can initiate iOS Diagnostic
  • Can lookup and view Consignment Orders
  • Can lookup and view Invoices
  • Can lookup and view Parts
  • Can lookup and view Repairs
  • Can lookup and view Stocking/Fulfillment Orders
  • Can manage Awaiting Parts
  • Can Manage Consignment Orders

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