New iOS 14 features: car key on iPhone, home screen and others

There are still several months before the expected release date of iOS 14, but it seems that the network is already walking with might and main if not the final version of this operating system, then at least its prototype. And those who have early access to iOS 14 continue to find interesting features. This time, not only was confirmation of the opening function of the car from the iPhone, but also a number of other features. Apparently, iOS 14 will not be just another update to improve performance and security.

Tesla can be opened for a long time with an iPhone, it's time and the rest

New iOS 14 feature

9to5Mac reports that it found in iOS 14 that Apple is working with BMW to create a system for opening concern cars using the iPhone. For comments on Apple, it was definitely useless to contact in this case, but BMW turned out to be more accommodating.

Already now you can open and close the car, start the engine and share the car key with others using the BMW digital key as part of the BMW Connected application on your smartphone. But this is only the first step in the global technological transformation that forms the BMW Group.

Obviously, Apple and BMW are preparing something special. It is about supporting the electronic car key at the system level. Using the iPhone, you can lock and unlock doors, turn the alarm on and off, and start and stop the engine. The new β€œCarkey” interface was discovered in iOS 13.4 code, but this time it is reported that it will work not only via NFC, but also using Ultra Wideband technology.
The Ultra Wideband on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is responsible for the operation of the AirDrop wireless transmission interface. The technology allows you to specify the recipient of the transferred files, simply by sending the smartphone in his direction.

How CarKey will work on iPhone

This is hinted at by the BMW Group. According to them, in the near future, the specification of the digital key will be improved with the help of Ultra Wideband version 3.0. This will provide maximum protection against theft and ensure accurate localization between the device and the car. As a result, the mobile phone will no longer need to be held right by the door handle to unlock the car, it can simply be left in your pocket. As now with keyless entry in most modern cars.

CarKey interface in iOS 14. It is not yet possible to verify the authenticity of screenshots

It is noteworthy that it was in BMW cars that the CarPlay function first appeared wirelessly - the user just needs to put the iPhone on wireless charging in the car to make CarPlay work. But even 5 years ago, in an interview with one of the automotive resources, a BMW representative said that "it would be illogical to radically change the architecture of the car in order to adapt to Apple technology."

BMW lets Apple push automotive technology

New Locator app

Another innovation of iOS 14 will be the updated Locator. iOS 14 will allow you to configure additional notifications in this application. In particular, the updated Locator will include a new option to receive an alert when someone does not arrive at a specific place at the right time.

The Latitude app is waiting for big changes

The Locator application already has the ability to receive notifications when someone arrives at a specified location - for example, home, school or work. The new function will let you know when someone does not arrive on time. It is expected that this will greatly facilitate the life of parents who send their children to school - now they will know for sure whether the child arrived in time for classes or not. Total surveillance, what to do.

Also, augmented reality will appear in Latitude - this will allow you to more accurately find people (or iPhones that have fallen in the snow) at a short distance. Well, now it becomes clear why the LIDAR scanner was added to the new iPad Pro.

Already, "Locator" allows you to calculate the exact location

What else is new in iOS 14

It is known that the new version of iOS 14 will radically change the "home screen". It will be in the form of a list of applications, the user will be able to change the sort order of the objects in this list and even seem to limit the displayed list to applications that meet some criteria specified by the user. Also, users will be able to independently choose how applications will be located in the ambiguity menu: in a cascade or a grid. True, both formats are available now, but the way to display the grid is an exclusive iPadOS.

In iMessage, in addition to the ability to delete and correct messages, it is planned to implement the mention function using the @ symbol, which is prefixed to the nickname of the recipient. A similar function already exists, for example, in Telegram. Plus there will be new buns for HomeKit, augmented reality and other features.

Details about iOS 14 are still unknown, but already by these functions you can understand that the operating system will turn out to be very interesting.

When iOS 14 Releases

The release of iOS 14 will tentatively be held at WWDC 2020 in June this year. Despite the fact that this time the event will be held online, this will not prevent Apple from releasing the first beta of iOS 14 for developers, as it does it year after year. And a week after that, the first public beta is expected. The final version of iOS 14 will be available to all users no earlier than September this year.

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