Why is the iPhone 12 presentation going online again?

Apple's June 22, 2020 launch, which unveiled iOS 14 and a host of other new products, was one of the most unusual events in the company's history. There was not a single spectator at the presentation - only hundreds of thousands (or maybe even millions) of those who watched the event from the screen of their iPhone, iPad, computer or TV. Each part of the presentation was pre-recorded. Someone appreciated this format, for others “this is not what it used to be”, the rest generally reacted calmly - the main thing, they say, is that new items are shown. This fall we have another Apple event dedicated to the presentation of the new iPhone 12, and it looks like it will be held in the same format.

IPhone 12 online presentation will be no worse than usual

When iPhone 12 comes out

Where such confidence? According to the latest data, Apple's special event will take place as planned in September - most likely towards the end of the month. The fact that iPhone sales will start later than usual does not change the fact that the presentation will be held as usual. In fact, there is not much left: it is already August, which means Apple has a little more than a month to prepare. At the same time, restrictions associated with coronavirus, even if they are weakened in some countries, they still remain. Including bans on holding mass events.

Of course, Apple's presentation is much more modest in scale than WWDC. If only journalists and friends of the company are invited to the first one, then anyone can buy a ticket to WWDC if they have time.

All the same, the hall of the Steve Jobs Theater, where new iPhones have been announced for the past few years, can accommodate several hundred people. The risk is too great. Moreover, if after the presentation an outbreak of coronavirus goes, Apple may have problems.

So no one will get the coronavirus for sure

Where will the presentation of the iPhone 12 take place

Most likely, Apple has already made the decision to hold the presentation in recording. Even as Apple employees, Tim Cook, Craig Federighi and others need endless live rehearsals. With online, everything is easier: Cook, for example, can record his speech even one day before the presentation, and Federighi - even in August. Rehearse everything to the point of automatism, so that the viewer gets the feeling of a single presentation. It still takes time, a few dress rehearsals, and so on.

Perhaps I would have liked the iPhone12 online presentation format even better. During keynote speeches at WWDC or iPhone launches, it sometimes feels like the presenters' speeches are much longer than they should be. Here everything will be clear and to the point. And Apple representatives are more comfortable speaking in the recording - there is no excitement that still arises when you give a speech to an audience. In addition, they are "protected" by bad takes, and you can be sure that everything will go as it should.

Recorded presentation allows you to change locations and reduce the time of the event

And Apple has more ways to make the event interesting. At the same WWDC, we visited the Apple gym, the parking lot, even the secret development department where Apple processors are created. This does not happen within the framework of a regular presentation; advertising videos show the maximum. Moreover, viewers also like the format in the recording more.

Of course, Apple is unlikely to go completely online in the future, it is too big a fan of the "atmosphere of the audience" and applause, emotions. But this year she simply has no choice. Even if the tech show CES in January 2021 was moved online, Apple will definitely present the iPhone 12 without an offline event.