A mobile gadget for jailbreaking the iPhone has appeared. It costs 45 thousand dollars

Until a certain point, it was believed that you cannot jailbreak an iPhone. Those who thought so were not even particularly embarrassed by the fact that almost any version of iOS allowed jailbreaking, which was, in essence, the very jailbreak. All the same, they justified themselves, thus only an unlocked iPhone can be hacked, but if the device is locked, then nothing will come of this undertaking. In fact, it was so. But the watershed passed in 2015 when the FBI managed to negotiate with the Israeli company Cellebrite, which successfully hacked the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone and confirmed that Apple smartphones are hacked regardless of OS generation and version. But since then, the industry has developed a lot.

This is GrayKey's desktop hacking tool for iPhone. And there is also a mobile that you can take with you

Despite the fact that today several companies are professionally engaged in iPhone hacking, each of which operates according to its own method, their equipment for hacking, plus or minus, is similar to each other. Cellebrite has a combined computer monitor with a system unit, but instead of a conventional operating system, it runs on its own platform. GrayShift, another company that specializes in hacking, is a small gadget with an Apple TV in the case, to which the jailbroken iPhone is connected and passwords are bruised.

How to hack an iPhone

Now forensic scientists don't have to sit at a computer to hack a criminal's iPhone

But these are all stationary devices, which are usually located in the offices of police officers and forensic experts who hack into criminals' iPhones. In general, this is logical. After all, you can't take a hacking device with you on a special operation. Firstly, it is inconvenient, and, secondly, it is absolutely useless. In the end, situations when it is necessary to remove data from a smartphone urgently do not arise so often. However, now GrayShift decided that such an opportunity might be needed by law enforcement officers and offered them a mobile hacking tool.

There is not much information about the purpose and functional structure of the mobile version of the hacking tool. At the moment, we only know that it costs more than a stationary one. If to buy a license for the classic version of GrayKey cost 15, and then 18 thousand dollars (the price was increased due to the increase in the number of requests from law enforcement agencies), then for a portable one - already 45 thousand. That is at least what the US Drug Enforcement Administration paid for this license.

IPhone Jailbreak Equipment

Obviously, the mobile version is meant to be used in the field. It allows you to perform an emergency data extraction from the smartphone of a criminal, victim or suspect, if there is no way to get to the office for some reason. This means that it should be something like a smartphone or tablet with its own battery, so that the jailbreak device can work autonomously, regardless of the connection to the power supply. After all, otherwise, there will be little sense from its portability. Namely, this is what law enforcement officers are counting on, purchasing such gadgets and distributing them among their employees.

This is how the mobile hacking device of the Israeli company Cellebrite looks like, which realized that the portable version would be popular among secret services, formerly GrayShift.

For ease of use, this thing was made touch sensitive

This is the second generation, which is called UFED Touch 2. That is, there was at least one more before

It looks like a laptop from old films about the future, but it copes with its task

In fact, there is nothing strange about the fact that law enforcement agencies needed portable hacking devices, no. Still, situations are different and an iPhone that needs to be jailbroken may come in contact with liquids or high temperatures, which can cause its hardware to fail. In the meantime, this does not happen, you need to have time to remove valuable information that can help in the investigation. Another thing is strange here - namely, that Apple cannot do anything in order to, in principle, exclude cases of hacking. After all, until the company fixes the vulnerabilities exploited by hackers, it will obviously be impossible to consider the iPhone a truly secure smartphone.