Welcome To The Official Arbidex Group!

Please use the following guide below if you need additional help with the Arbidex platform or require assistance from our Support Team.

  • FAQ - https://www.arbidex.uk.com/#faq-position
  • Register here: https://arbidex.io/
  • Detailed instructions for using the platform: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s8zZ_qSnmwb0yQVExw4LQRTxHHMjGqfH/view
  • Support e-mail: support@arbidex.uk.com
  • Our support response time via e-mail is 24 hours
  • Latest news: https://t.me/arbidex
  • White paper: https://www.arbidex.uk.com/assets/wp_en.pdf
  • Official website - https://arbidex.uk.com
  • Arbidex Official chat rules: http://telegra.ph/Arbidex-Official-Chat-Rules-04-05
May 8, 2018
by @arbidex
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