gloss meter is used to measure the surface glossiness of the object
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UV lamp standards

UV dosimeter
In our country, 70uw/cm2 (1m place) UV lamps account for almost 50-80%. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health's disinfection technical specifications, the pass rate is less than 50%. The irradiation intensity of some UV germicidal lamps used per unit is less than 70uw/cm2 (at 1m). Some even less than 40uw/cm2 are still in use.

Principle of ultraviolet lamp killing new coronavirus

The principle of ultraviolet lamp killing new coronavirus The new coronavirus is an RNA virus with a corona shape. The main substance of the new coronavirus is protein, and its uneven surface is regularly arranged. We use an ultraviolet lamp to penetrate the surface of the new coronavirus and penetrate inside to destroy different types of nitrogenous bases in nucleic acids. There are two types of UV lamps that are more effective for new coronaviruses: 1. UV-C type UV sterilization lamp with a wavelength of 253.7 nm 2. Ozone UV lamp with a wavelength of 185 nm. They have the characteristics of high efficiency and high intensity of work, which can directly kill pathogens and prevent the spread of new coronavirus in the air and droplets...

Classification of anti-corrosion coatings

Many parts used in life need to be painted with anti-corrosion coating to protect the internal structure. The importance of this anti-corrosion coating is self-evident. This article mainly elaborates the importance of using coating thickness gauge to detect anti-corrosion coatings. In order to protect the internal structure of the metal or keep the pipeline smooth and functioning normally, we will coat a layer of material on the surface for isolation protection. This is what we call an anti-corrosion coating. Its thickness and corrosion resistance have a very close relationship. Professionals will use a coating thickness gauge to measure. 1. The role and classification of anticorrosive coatings In daily construction, the functions...

New coronavirus control and UV light tester

New coronavirus control and UV light testerAbstract: Under the ravages of new coronaviruses, the irradiation of ultraviolet germicidal lamps can effectively control the virus, but the use of germicidal lamps is inseparable from the ultraviolet intensity detector.During the Lunar New Year in 2020, the outbreak of new coronavirus in my country put the whole country into a high alert state, and government departments also issued a request to the public not to gather multiple people to avoid the continued spread of new coronavirus. During this period, places of entertainment, cinemas, temples, restaurants and other places in the country where people can gather are all closed. Even if the public needs to wear masks on the street due to their...

UV sterilization requirements

Since the germicidal lamp has been used for a long time, the light source will occur, so it is necessary to regularly detect the intensity of the germicidal lamp. The 254nm UV irradiator is specially designed to detect the intensity of germicidal lamps. Linshang UV light intensity meter can be used to measure the ultraviolet irradiation intensity of the UV lamp. There are regulations for the detection of germicidal lamps: WS/T 367-2012 "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Institutions" P15, Appendix A.3 Monitoring of the effect of ultraviolet disinfection.The 2009 version of "*** Disinfection Technical Specification" P9, 2.3 UV disinfection.Ultraviolet germicidal lamp GB19258-2003 P4, rated value of ultraviolet radiation...

Fireproof paint thickness requirements

GB14907-2002 "Fireproof Coatings for Steel Structures" stipulates that the thickness of fireproof coatings for thick steel structures is 7-45㎜. In the construction process of steel structure fire retardant paint, there is no clear regulation on the thickness of fire retardant paint, only the thickness required to reach the paint is proposed. Due to differences in the hazard levels of public buildings, important public buildings need to be strengthened and protected. Therefore, the choice of fire retardant coating thickness is very important. Under the premise of ensuring building safety, how to use fire retardant coatings efficiently and economically is very important. Is the thicker the fire retardant coating, the better the fire...

Matters needing attention in coating measurement

Matters needing attention in coating measurement: 1. During the test, it should be noted that the metal magnetism and surface roughness of the standard sheet should be similar to the test piece. 2. During the measurement, the probe is perpendicular to the surface of the measured object. 3. Pay attention to the critical value of the metal on the surface of the measured object when measuring. 4. Pay attention to the curvature of the base when measuring. 5. Remove all magnetic objects around before measuring. If there are objects around, a magnetic plant can be generated. If it will interfere with the magnetic thickness measurement method. 6. Be careful not to measure corners during measurement. 7. Also, keep the pressure constant during...

What is glossmeter?

Gloss meter, also called glossmeter, is an instrument for measuring the surface gloss of ceramics, paints, inks, plastics, marble, aluminum, hardware and other materials. High-precision gloss meter is divided into three types of high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss according to angle. Chinese name Glossmeter, foreign name Glossmeter, also known as Glossmeter, used to determine the principle of ceramics and paintFirst: Glossiness is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of a material's surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically specified conditions, and has the reflective properties of direction selection. We usually say gloss refers to "mirror gloss", so the gloss meter is sometimes called "mirror gloss meter"...

What is UV curing and UV energy tester

1. The basic concept of UV curingUV curing means that people use ultraviolet light to convert small molecular substances, which can irreversibly convert small molecular substances into large molecular substances, and enhance the overall quality of the product. With the development of technology, UV curing technology has been vigorously developed and used in the fields of coatings, inks, glues, etc., further enhancing the competitiveness of products in the industry.UV curing can make the manufacturing process more skillful, and the product drying speed is improved. Cost consumption is also relatively low, not only safe and hygienic in operation, but also very efficient.2. Basic knowledge of pigment color curingThe development speed...

UV energy tester for UV LED

In the ultraviolet curing industry, there are two types of curing light sources: high-pressure mercury lamps and ultraviolet LED lamps. The familiar UV energy tester may be the German brand and the US EIT. Not to mention how expensive the imported branded instruments are, but it is difficult for us to find genuine imported ones in China. As a manufacturer of UV energy testers, Linshang Technology, under such a strong brand effect, why should we develop a UV energy tester dedicated to detecting high-pressure mercury lamps and UV LEDs? This is because we pursue scientific data. At present, the UV energy testers on the market are all developed with high-pressure mercury lamps as standard light sources, but the high-pressure mercury lamps are included from 200nm to more than 1000 nanometers, but the 365nm band is only used for curing. The UV LEDs used for curing have different wavelength bands such as 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm, so it is unscientific to use a high-pressure mercury lamp light source as a standard UV energy tester to measure the UV LED data.UV energy tester for UV LED