Used dental equipment: advantages and disadvantages

Opening your own dental office entails incredible material investments, most of which go to the equipment. Great savings will allow the purchase of used dental equipment, which is not inferior to the new. Using this option, you can start your business, and already in the process of its successful development - to replace the used equipment with a new one.


Today, dentist services are among the most expensive. That is why the requirements for specialists and amenities are very high during the procedures, and they, in turn, are directly dependent on the equipment. If you are going to open your dental office or slightly modernize the existing one, you need to be ready to invest huge amounts of money. Most of the money will go to the equipment, especially if you want to guarantee visitors a high-quality result.

Purchase of used equipment - advantages and disadvantages

New equipment for dentistry is not cheap, and not every new businessman can afford to purchase it. Even with the issuance of loans for the development of small businesses, given the average data that the dental unit pays off within six months, there is still the risk of problems with loan repayments.

The ideal option in this case is the purchase of equipment that has already been used. You can buy it on the platform for ads Bimedis, where there are many proposals for the purchase / sale of medical equipment. Second-hand does not mean at all that the device is inoperative or low-quality, but it is sold for certain reasons, for example, a non-profit business or vice versa, an unplanned upgrade of an existing technology.

The purchase of such equipment has its pros and cons. The main advantage of purchasing such a device is to save money. In this case, you get a fully working dental instrument, just two or three times cheaper. It is possible to purchase such equipment with a still valid warranty, which will make it possible to service it for free during the period specified in the documentation.

As practice shows, all the problems with the new dental equipment appear in the first years of its active use. However, before buying a used dental equipment must call a specialist to thoroughly check the status of the dental unit. This will allow you not to fall into the trap of fraudsters who may be deceiving about unprecedented work, and it will also make you more confident in the correctness of your choice.

Tips for choosing

When deciding to purchase dental units via the Internet, it is not important whether they are new or previously used, carefully check the seller. You must have a money back guarantee if the selected installation does not reach you, will be out of service or not fit the description.

Today, there are many companies that resell used medical equipment. They carefully check the goods before selling, but even in case of unforeseen situations - they take responsibility, provide additional details, repair and more. Among all the range of dental equipment available on the market, not all dental equipment can be purchased in used condition. The list of allowed includes:

  •  dental x-ray machines, dental tomographs, and x-rays;
  •  dental units;
  •  autoclaves;
  •  scalers;
  •  apexes;
  •  storage cabinets for medical equipment;
  •  tables to accommodate dental instruments.

Most consumables, such as filling mixes, needles, etc., cannot be bought in the used condition. Firstly, most of them must be completely sterile, and secondly, you cannot be sure about the quality and originality of the products you buy. That is why the choice of used equipment should be treated with responsibility, select only trusted stores and websites, as well as be able to contact the supplier.

Thus, buying second-hand inventory, the price of which is much lower, you will have the opportunity to save on equipment and purchase high-quality consumables. But in any case, the correctness of the diagnosis depends on the quality of the medical equipment, which determine the diagnosis, as well as, not less important, the qualifications of the doctor himself. In the future, with successful business development, outdated equipment can be changed by choosing a more profitable option for work.

The international platform for the purchase / sale of medical equipment Bimedis presents a wide selection of dental equipment,. The site has new and demo equipment from manufacturers and official representatives from different countries, as well as used and restored medical equipment from resellers or doctors.

December 12, 2018
by Олесь Трипадуш

Ophthalmic medical equipment : where to buy quality equipment?

Given the widespread passion for various gadgets, as well as general computerization, ophthalmic problems today are among the most common diseases. As you know, demand generates the offer and the appearance of specialized clinics, centers and offices is quite justified. The work of an ophthalmologist implies a huge range of activities - from diagnosis to treatment. Interference with the structure of the eye can lead to irreversible consequences, but at the same time, with the help of the correct approach to treatment, many patients were given the opportunity to see the world with their own eyes.


If your goal is to open an ophthalmologist's office or clinic, the first thing to think about is the purchase of the necessary equipment. The choice today is great - a large number of manufacturers offer different hardware of varying degrees of complexity at prices that vary significantly. How to choose among these proposals worthy and do not get fake?


The first indisputable rule to be followed when purchasing ophthalmic equipment is the compliance of the equipment with world standards and the availability of certificates. Any ophthalmoscope you want to buy should be created in accordance with the requirements and norms accepted in the world.

Before you buy ophthalmic equipment, visit the supplier's website and carefully examine all available information - customer reviews, technical specifications, terms of cooperation, delivery. The site presents a wide range of different medical equipment, among which there is also an ophthalmic equipment.

In addition to the equipment at the opening of the clinic, you should consider the necessary inventory and the situation of the office ophthalmologist. Of considerable importance is the lighting of the room, the availability of tools necessary for the survey. Do not forget about that. What age of patients also plays a role in choosing equipment - take into account this fact when choosing toolkits.

When purchasing equipment, pay attention to the availability of a warranty card, as well as the availability of medical equipment in the event of a fault finding. And, most importantly, do not be afraid to compare prices - as a rule, the cost of similar equipment in offline stores and Internet sites varies considerably.

November 2, 2018
by Олесь Трипадуш


BiMedis is an international online platform created in 2013 to provide medical equipment sale and purchase services. The BiMedis offices are registered in the USA, Russia, and Ukraine. BiMedis is NOT the owner of medical equipment offered on the website. New and demo equipment (marked by a special label) from manufacturers and official representatives from different countries is available here. In addition, used and refurbished equipment from resellers or doctors is sold here as well.

November 2, 2018
by Олесь Трипадуш
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