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Гинекологическая клиника Базисмед

Каждая женщина имеет уникальные личные потребности в отношении здоровья, к которым нужно относиться с осторожностью и заботой. Здесь, в клинике гинекологии Базисмед, мы проделали огромную работу, чтобы понять, через что проходят женщины, поэтому мы можем предоставить им правильный вид специализированной помощи.

Used dental equipment: advantages and disadvantages

Opening your own dental office entails incredible material investments, most of which go to the equipment. Great savings will allow the purchase of used dental equipment, which is not inferior to the new. Using this option, you can start your business, and already in the process of its successful development - to replace the used equipment with a new one.

Ophthalmic medical equipment : where to buy quality equipment?

Given the widespread passion for various gadgets, as well as general computerization, ophthalmic problems today are among the most common diseases. As you know, demand generates the offer and the appearance of specialized clinics, centers and offices is quite justified. The work of an ophthalmologist implies a huge range of activities - from diagnosis to treatment. Interference with the structure of the eye can lead to irreversible consequences, but at the same time, with the help of the correct approach to treatment, many patients were given the opportunity to see the world with their own eyes.


BiMedis is an international online platform created in 2013 to provide medical equipment sale and purchase services. The BiMedis offices are registered in the USA, Russia, and Ukraine. BiMedis is NOT the owner of medical equipment offered on the website. New and demo equipment (marked by a special label) from manufacturers and official representatives from different countries is available here. In addition, used and refurbished equipment from resellers or doctors is sold here as well.