How to Vote for BIP to Be Listed on the Hotbit Exchange

Rewards for Casting a Vote

  1. Those who support BIP will share 500,000 BIP in case of victory
  2. First 1,000 participants will share 1,000 USDT
  3. Sixth, 16th, 26th, 36th, 46th, 56th, 66th, 76th, 86th, and 96th will have a chance to be airdropped 20 USDT

Detailed rules and conditions are available on the page of the vote.

How to Support BIP

You can vote with either of the two coins:

  • HTB: 1 vote = 50 HTB
  • BTC: 1 vote = amount of BTC equivalent to 100 HTB (meaning the vote is two times more expensive)

To get bonus 50 HTB tokens — which will give you one free vote — follow this link.

Once you’re on the page of the vote, click on the Register button in the upper right corner:

Fill out a typical sign-up form:

Log in, and you’ll be redirected to your account balance page. To cast more votes in addition to the free one, you’ll need to deposit BTC or HTB (or, as in my case, a different token that I then exchanged on the platform). Click on Deposits and enable Google Authenticator. Follow the instructions:

Get back to the balance page and click on Deposits once again:

Choose whichever deposit option you like. I personally used USDT:

Once your coins have arrived, select the corresponding trading pair to exchange them for BTC or HTB (you can vote with these two only).

Go back to the page of the vote and click on the Vote for the Project button in the BIP section:

Enter the available number of votes and press Confirm Voting:

The coins will be returned to your account within five business days after the end of the event.