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Reward Calculation for the HUB-BNB Community Pool

Recently, the first community pool—which is HUB-BNB—has been launched. It marked the arrival of a new DeFi tool that lets you participate using a single asset. In short, the benefits are:

How to Buy BIP for USDT, Decentralized

A short guide to purchasing BIP with USDT in an entirely decentralized manner, with no exchanges or intermediaries in the middle.

Liquidity Pools on Minter

Liquidity pools have become one of the most significant innovations to arrive with Minter 2. They make it possible to:

How to Buy/Sell HUB and Provide Liquidity in PancakeSwap

Binance Smart Chain: check. On May 3, the HUB token was minted on the BSC network and started trading.

How to Get HUB Token & Earn on Liquidity

HUB is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network intended to be used in Minter Hub. The only use-case scenario for the HUB token as of now is the right to cast a vote when the Minter Hub sidechain's genesis will be forming. It is this sidechain that Developers' DAO will be launched on, among other things.

Minter Vault 101

Everything you need to know about Minter Global’s latest service in plain English. What is Vault? Who’s its target audience? And how can you make use of it?

How to Vote for BIP to Be Listed on the Hotbit Exchange

Detailed rules and conditions are available on the page of the vote.