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in 2013, Yahoo! bought Tumblr for $ 1.1 billion, which eventually bought Verizon and called all Oath

Tumblr - Statistics & Facts Socia Media

Daily Time on Site (7:56) as, more than,,,,,,, but until less than,

Traffic Statistics similar services and Alexa Global Rank

The number of users is constantly growing, soon to be 500 millions already have >462 Million blogs * March 23, 2019

This microblogging service is quite popular among its audience, different from Twitter and Instagram.

Accounts Tumblr in social networks

Tumblr app has similar statistics with Pinterest, Telegram, - more than 100 million installations

also for comparison >100M Installs


Accounts ₿itcoin in Social Networks

* March 23, 2019

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, after all, it is inevitable, as you know, therefore account can become similar but a different target group. When the time comes Tumblr users will search information about cryptocurrency and ₿itcoin inside Tumblr. It's easier!

Those who in Tumblr, most likely do not sit Twitter, instead of Instagram they have more Pinterest. Instead of Facebook and - Snapchat, Diaspora etc.

Everyone can register an account in Tumblr. it's free! opportunities for self-expression is much more than in the popular competitors of the social networks. & Tumblr

If you haven't blogged before, get started right now, register in Tumblr and configure the export of news(text/photo/gif/video) from your website via RSS or link to your Twitter or Instagram, or Pinterest, or 500px, or Telegram, or Facebook, or Youtube, or Reddit, or Medium, or Flipboard, or WordPress, or LiveJournal, or Snapschat, or Giphy, or flickr, or Pocket, or Evernote, or MailChimp, or Square, or Gmail, or Dropbox, or Vimeo, or eBay, or Amazon, and a bunch of other services from where you can post to your blog Tumblr. All your content will flow into one news feed, your subscribers will love it!

Tumblr audience - millennials, young people, hipsters, mostly creative personalities, artists.. Many keep their personal diaries, according to many inside Tumblr atmospheric and lamp.

Most of the users are from USA. Got of.application and plugins for the computer, choice of ready-made services of crossposting and analysis, among them IFTTT, Zapier, Flow. Inside Instagram, Facebook can link an account with Tumblr.

Tumblr users actively like and repost, the statistics can be seen under each post. Some posts are very quickly gaining tens of thousands likes / repost, some gaining several hundreds of thousands(millions, of course less), the traffic from the network to the site can be very large. for example, 123456789101112...

offer for venture investors

Need investment in the development of services, content creation (news, reviews, reports from conferences) and advertising, as well as the budget for motivational competitions.

Account management options - general cryptocurrency news, entertainment, as well as diary on behalf of the crypto investor/trader, as a reality show, provides a immersive effect experience. Unlike other social networks do not need to go anywhere, all content will be inside. Youtube - no articles, Twitter - little text/video, Instagram - no articles, short video, only pictures). Tumblr - has everything and without limits! Yahoo!

Any your investment now, for example $1, in a few years (as possible option) will be returned in the form of advertising in the amount of at least $2...$5...$10...$100.... from the market value of such advertising. price of advertising will change with the growth of the number of subscribers.
for example, each +1K subscribers +1$ for an advertising post, maximum 5 adv per day.
while the audience Bitcoin.Tumblr in relation is small if you compare on 931K

Income is planned with further advertising sales and affiliate programs (crypto exchanges, trading soft, devices(cold wallets), educational materials, souvenirs, tickets to events, etc.).

Offer to crypto enthusiasts → if you want to somehow participate in the development of the project(content creation) can become our team. 🚀 You can write directly to us blog, so, and give us your RSS - articles, reviews, videos from youtube channel.


Telegram @Bitcoin_Tumblr

Skype - live:bitcoin.tumblr


MIT/PGP key: 0x27DFF7D2/8D29 40BE 9E8D F7AE 2B00 D9F2 E54B 4C95 27DF F7D2

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January 22, 2019
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